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Gender: Otherkind
AP Cost: 8
GP Cost:
Type: Furre - Chipmunk

Stamina (SP):15
Male PE:6
Female PE:4
Herm PE:3
Otherkind PE:3

  If another Furre in the scene is Dominant, Chessie is Dominant. The same is true for Eager, Generous, Extra Generous, Shy, Submissive, Tantric, and Tireless.

Flavor Text:
  "Pick me! Pick me!"

Artist: darkzel
Edition: 3rd Vanilla: Strawberry
Rarity: Uncommon
Collector's Number: 89 / 146

  Chessie won't gain conditions, but she will gain modifiers.
   Modifier: Furre B has, "Tantric with Male Furres." Chessie will gain "Tantric with Male Furres."
   Condition: Furre A has, "Shy if there's a Male Furre in the scene." Chessie will only gain "Shy" when Furre A's condition is met.
   Note that conditions on passive skills are always false when they're not in the scene. If Furre A is on the couch, Chessie will not gain "Shy."