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Gender: Herm / Otherkind
AP Cost: 10
GP Cost:
Type: Furre - Lion Goat Snake Hyena

Stamina (SP):20
Male PE:4
Female PE:2
Herm PE:6
Otherkind PE:8

  When Beastrider swings, target Furre defending player controls gets -4 .
   When Beastrider orgasms a Furre, draw a card.

Flavor Text:
  Bounty hunter by trade, fearless at heart.

Artist: BloodhoundOmega
Edition: 2nd Vanilla
Rarity: Rare
Collector's Number: 106 / 132

  A multi-gender Furre takes pleasure from the highest PE that it is. So Beastrider takes the highest of an opposing Furre's Herm PE and Otherkin PE.