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(Dec 10th, 2014)
Zig Zag! New card preview!
      by Seppel

It seems we missed a day of previews on the 9th! To make up for it, here's another preview!

We were going to keep this one a secret, but the word's out already, so let's preview Zig Zag!


It's Zig Zag, the most popular tiger-skunk porn star in the world! Everyone wants her, but nobody can touch her unless she says so!

Zig Zag is Elusive, which means she can't be targeted while she's in the scene -- it's one of the most powerful skills in Furoticon. It looks rather tame at first, but being able to target a Furre is very important.

There's two ways to deal with Furres: bring them to orgasm in bed, or target them with special skills. Anything that says "target" can't target Zig Zag! The only way to deal with her is by taking her on in bed, and she's got high PEs!

What makes her even more dangerous is that she's Greedy, which means she'll pleasure the defending player and chosen Furres that put out. In other words, every time she swings, she'll give an unblockable 8 pleasure to the defending player!

This powerful lady is only available in Caramel booster packs!


Caramel is available for preorder! Get your cards now!

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yuko on Dec 12th, 2014 @ 01:29 PM
she seems like a good card

Taz on Dec 12th, 2014 @ 07:44 AM
RE: Zig Zag and Alterations:

It's strictly possible to attach Alterations to Zig Zag with the Action All Mine, still available in Strawberry booster packs. This is because while the initial Alter action needed to play an Alteration targets, simply attaching an Alteration does not, and thus, weird as it seems, All Mine does not target.

It should be noted, however, that this is a 3+ card combo in 2+ genders (neither of which are Herm for access to Spread and Begging, as listed above), and thus has yet to actually break anything in the game. Dragons of Tanglebrook has better highly-impractical combos, anyway! :)

Seppel on Dec 12th, 2014 @ 07:20 AM
@ShrapnelShark: That's correct!

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