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(Nov 30th, 2014)
Fun with Lily, Daisy, and Ryan! Two new card previews!
      by Seppel

Yesterday, Daisy and Lily arranged plans with Instructor Ryan. Today, let's look at how those plans unfolded!


Lily Tyla is a Furre card -- Furres are your harem, and they're the best way to deal pleasure to your opponent. At the lower left, you can see that Lily has 20 (stamina). This is how much pleasure Lily can take before she orgasms and goes to your couch (discard pile). In Furoticon, 15 is average, so Lily can last longer than the average Furre!

The four numbers below that are her Pleasuring Experience (PEs) and they show how much pleasure she gives to Furres of each gender. (When pleasuring a player, a Furre gives pleasure equal to its highest PE. In Lily's case, she would give 8 pleasure to a player!)

Lily is a very sexy bunny in bed, but that's not all. Lily is Tireless, which means she doesn't exhaust while swinging! ("Swinging" is like "attacking" but with sexy fun times. "Putting out" is like "defending" with Furres to protect yourself from being the one who receives the pleasure!) Normally, you exhaust a Furre (tilt it on its side) when swinging. But with Lily, you don't exhaust her! Why is this a good thing? Because exhausted Furres can't put out. Your only chance to refresh your Furres is at the beginning of your turn. So Lily can both swing and put out in one round!

Lily has so much stamina and such high PEs that Ryan won't last longer than two minutes with the bunny!

What is Daisy doing in the meantime?


As an eavesdropper, Daisy loves being a voyeur. But if you get her to put out in bed when she's in this mood, she won't be up for receiving as much pleasure as she normally would! In this case, she'll reduce all of one Furre's PEs by 2 for that turn.

How does that work in the game? Simple! Suppose instructor Ryan is swinging at you:


And suppose you put out with both Lily and Daisy. Daisy's skill triggers, and you can give Ryan -2 to all PEs, bringing his PEs down from 2/1/3/2 to 0/0/1/0 for the turn. Neither of the ladies will receive any pleasure, and they'll give a total of 6 pleasure to Ryan, bringing him to orgasm!

And so, having had their fun with Ryan, Lily and Daisy run off to have some fun of their own...

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Zeneth_Starr on Dec 4th, 2014 @ 02:36 PM
They have been talking about having furres in the gender they IDENTIFY with, rather than what they were born as...or putting them in otherkin.

Maybe Ryan used to be Ryanna??? :-p

Nezumi12 on Dec 2nd, 2014 @ 03:49 PM
I just realised this: Daisy is a chinchilla. I'm fairly sure the guy at my local pet shop told me that chinchillas have such dense fur that they aren't capable of fully drying off and can die from a fungal infection from just a few drops of rain.
In other words: I thought you weren't supposed to get chinchillas wet?

yuko on Dec 1st, 2014 @ 08:06 PM
love the new cards, cant wait to get some!

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