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(Nov 23rd, 2014)
Sebastian and Caramel! Two new card previews!
      by Seppel

Sebastian is one of the most well-known characters in Furoticon. (Which characters are most memorable to you? Give us your answer in the comments at the bottom!)

Let's take a look at his first appearance in Furoticon!


Sebastian was an adorable, unnamed college freshman, ready to explore the world around him!

He was both Shy and Submissive, making him a quick and easy Furre to have defending your side.

In Strawberry (3rd Vanilla), he was a Sophomore!


Over the course of one year, he managed to gain 5 (stamina), plus, he realized his affinity for cock. (his Male and Herm PEs went up, while his Female and Otherkind PEs went down.)

In Caramel (4th Vanilla: Winter Break), Sebastian is a full-fledged junior!


His Male PE has shot up to 5, leaving the rest of his PEs at 3!

With all this talk of cock going around, we realized that we were rather lacking in cum in recent sets! It seems silly to make a sexy pornographic card game without cum, so we brainstormed about the many ways we could insert cum. Here at Furoticon HQ, we try to be as creative as possible!

So we thought and thought.

Then, suddenly, we realized that we've never had cum done in a deeply intimate way before...


After cumming hard in Caramel's mouth, Sebastian is surprised to share a very sexy kiss.

Loaded Kiss is an Alteration card. You play it on a Furre that's already in the scene! That Furre is considered to be the "altered" Furre. So Loaded Kiss gets a "dream counter" every time a Furre orgasms in bed (hopefully not the Furre you altered -- when a Furre orgasms, it leaves the scene and goes to your "couch" discard pile).

A "dream counter" can be any sort of counter -- gems, beads, or even dice! For each dream counter on the altered Furre, it gets +1 to all PEs!

For example, suppose Sebastian was altered with Loaded Kiss, and another Furre orgasms in bed -- that first cum-filled kiss gives Sebastian +1 to all PEs, bringing his PEs from 5/3/3/3 to 6/4/4/4! Stuff five dream counters into his mouth, and his PEs will be at 10/8/8/8! And the Furres that orgasm? They don't need to be your Furres -- Loaded Kiss counts your opponent's Furres too!


There's virtually no limit to how high PEs can go. Technically, the highest PE allowed is 100, but the highest I've ever seen in a tournament game is about 36 or so.

What is the meaning of a PE value, anyway? Well, it's a general gauge at how well someone is at pleasing a specific gender in a given situation.

Caramel cares not about your gender!

But what does the number actually mean? Consider that each "turn" in Furoticon is approximately one real-time minute. (You get 10 AP per turn, so each AP is the equivalent of 6 seconds. When you increase your AP, you're increasing your reaction time, so if you have 20 AP per turn, that means you can react twice as fast as everyone else!) You're allowed to enter bed once per turn, so let's assume that, regardless of what happens in bed, it lasts one minute long. The average Furre has 15 , so a character with 3 PE will bring the average Furre to orgasm after 5 minutes of screwing! Sebastian has 10 and Caramel has 5 Male PE, so Caramel can make Sebastian cum in 2 minutes!

So, if you take it to the extreme, a character with 100 Male PE would make Sebastian cum in only 6 seconds! How is that physically possible? It is a mystery!

Want to know how fast certain characters will orgasm when paired with their partners? Simply take a character's and divide it by their partner's corresponding PE to get the time, in minutes! Multiply by 60 to get the time in seconds.)


Caramel preorders begin on Black Friday -- November 28th!

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anosh on Nov 27th, 2014 @ 04:47 AM
Nice posts..


Slimeria on Nov 26th, 2014 @ 09:13 PM
Sebastian is really cute~

Seppel on Nov 25th, 2014 @ 07:17 PM
@Taz: 100 is the max for PE, not stamina. I'm sure there's a theoretical maximum in the thousands somewhere for stamina. :)

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