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(Nov 20th, 2014)
I'm a Snowbunny!
      by Lily Tyla

Wouldn't you know it? This winter, your gal Lily has lucked into the best company-sponsored vacation ever. A week of fun in the sun -- and the snow!

That's right, I'm bound to be the cutest snowbunny Mt. Mesa's slopes have ever seen!

While I may be the main attraction, I'm not alone on the stage -- Amber, Jarla, Cotton, Tandy, and Daisy -- most of my friends from the club were able to join me!


Art by A Blue Deer

We're here to help with the lodge's grand opening this weekend, but there's still time for lots of fun! Hot chocolate, snowball fights, gossiping about who this 'Buck' guy Ashamai is blushing about, and, of course, flirting with the hot staff.


Art by Doirn

There's not a lot of guys to go around, so I've made sure to call dibs on the sexy ski instructor!

I'm determined to make this week so much fun!

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