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(Jun 13th, 2010)
Sukouri's Adventures
      by Callista Skip

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As a Masochist, Sukouri soon found she couldn't be beat! Or, she could, but she'd like it and it wouldn't...oh, you get the point.

Sukouri's ready to come out of her shell-- er, robe.
Artist: A Blue Deer

As a rare, Sukouri may not come out often, but when she does, she'll make an impact. Pain Counters on Masochists raise their Pleasuring Experience points by +1, and though Sukouri starts off small, she can move along quickly in a Pain Counter-based deck!

The only problem is, our sweet squirrel will find herself orgasaming sooner than later if you lay it on too heavy too quickly -- if there are 10 or more pain counters on Sukouri, she'll climax!

Sukouri's masochism can really only go so far, as her card makes clear. So when Lyscilla decides to test her limits, Sukouri knows she'll be in for a ride!

"That's going where?!"
Artist: TheGreatBadGuy

Add a Toy Chest to your field to help you move through your Black Book faster. This is our first previewed multi-gender card! You will need one Herm GP and one Female GP in order to pay its cost.

Treats stay in play after you play them, affecting game play until they're eliminated. In this case, Toy Chest rewards you for playing Alterations with drawing cards, free of charge!

When Sukouri finds herself traveling on a slave cart to who-knows-where, she also finds a heap of metal. Sukouri had always been the fix-it type, and when she started to put gear and gear together, it only took a little help from her new unicorn friend to put the little guy together again.

Sukouri had never seen such a mess of metal, but soon realized there was a basic body shape to work with.
Artist: Haze

Sukouri did much more than just piece together metal puzzles while out in the Wilds.

In Divided Attention, we find our squirrel hard at work, trying to satisfy the lustful dragon Talgurin and crazy ferret-rat Glisten in an oral standoff!

"Honey, don't forget lil' ol' me!" - Glisten
Artist: Diana Harlan Stein

This Treat could make Pain Counters a nuisance! But it's the perfect annoyance if your opponent insists on running those stinging counters.

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