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(Jun 6th, 2010)
BDSM in Triskelion: Part 3
      by Callista Skip

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Kashtine offers up a fantastic addition to any Alteration-themed deck -- yet another Alteration! Spreader Bar gives your furre +5 Max SP for each Alteration attached to it.

Pump your furre up so it'll have an even heartier run in bed!

"Spreader Bar, get it? Spread-her bar?" -Leavan
Artist: ibengmainee

"Every lock needs a key, just as every slave needs a Master."

This is one of the tenets of the BDSM culture in Lithrinn, one that the Trainees of Di'Ahla learn well over the course of Lyscilla's stay there.

It'll free your wrists, but your mind will still be his.
Artist: CreatureCorp

Dominant when it suits him to care, Flint is a generally laissez-faire Master, appreciating it more when slaves anticipate his whims rather than waiting for him to order them about.

Jamlin can't wait for the order to service Flint.
Artist: Heather Bruton

Even when Sukouri manages to get away from Di'Ahla and Lyscilla's ideas, she ends up licking someone's boots. Glisten, the crazy ferret-rat, finds himself in the position to "help" Sukouri continue her training, even as she tries to distance herself from it.

"Yes, yes, lick everywhere, doll. Make them shine." -Glisten
Artist: Diana Harlan Stein

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