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(Dec 28th, 2013)
Frequently Asked Questions!
      by Callista Skip and Seppel

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I want to play the Furoticon Trading Card Game!

Where can I get Furoticon cards?

Order online and they'll typically arrive within a week!

You can also get cards and play in events at several conventions throughout the year -- check out our Schedule of Events in the upper-right section of this page!

What are the game rules for Furoticon?

Watch the How To Play Video for the basics, and check out the Full Rules Wiki if you want to know more details, including a full breakdown of card mechanics.

Is Furoticon multiplayer or just one-on-one?

Furoticon is for 2 - 8 players. You can play free-for-all matches, or group up into teams of 2, 3, or 4 players!

When do you release new sets?

We release two sets per year -- one in summer (June/July) and one in winter (December). Preorders start around 3-4 weeks before the release.

Our official summer release events are at Anthrocon, in Pittsburgh, PA.

Our official winter release events are at Further Confusion, in San Jose, CA.

I want to play, but I don't know anyone around me. How can I find other players?

There are a few different ways to find fellow players:

* Check out the Furoticon forums!
* Check out the Furoticon chat!

We also go to several conventions a year where we host tournaments and play sessions -- check out our Schedule of Events in the upper-right section of this page!

Is there an online version of the game?

It's currently in production! Furoticon Online's launch is set for sometime in 2014. Check the front page for regular updates of our progress! If you have any questions you'd like to ask the Furoticon Online team, please do so on our Tumblr!

What content won't be ever allowed in the game?

We draw some hard lines when it comes to in-game content. There will never be underaged characters, scat, diapers, gore (other than very light bloodplay), incest, vomit, pregnancy, rape, hard vore, death, or menses.

It's all good clean fun in Furoticon!

What's the basic breakdown of the acronyms and symbols used on this site?

AP = Action Points. A basic resource in Furoticon. You get 10 AP per turn, and you spend them to play cards, draw cards, and enter bed.

GP = Gender Points. A secondary resource in Furoticon. There are four types of GP: Male, Female, Herm, and Otherkind. You spend GP to play Furre, Action, and Treat cards of a particular gender. You get GP from Haven cards (Haven cards cost AP to play).

= Stamina. This is the number next to the heart symbol on a Furre card, and it defines how close a furre is to orgasming. When stamina reaches 0, the Furre orgasms and goes to your couch (discard pile).

PE = Pleasuring Experience. Below the stamina symbol on Furre cards are four numbers found next to the gender symbols, and they define how well that furre can pleasure each gender (sort of like an "attack" power, but sexier!)

= Exhaust. The Exhaust symbol on a card means to exhaust the card (turn it on its side). At the beginning of your turn, after getting all your AP and GP, you can refresh all your cards (turn them back to their original position) for 1 AP (1 AP refreshes everything). Exhausted Furres can't swing or put out, and you can't exhaust something that's already exhausted. When something has an exhaust cost, it's to make sure it can only be done once per turn (but you may find cards that can get around this limitation!)

More information on Keywords and other Furoticon-specific language can be found in the Full Rules Wiki!

How do genders work in Furoticon?

There are four genders in Furoticon:

* Males focus on offense. High stamina and PEs give Males their edge, as well as providing the most efficient direct pleasure skills. Their disadvantage lies in a higher cost to play cards, resulting in fewer things you can do each turn.

* Females focus on defense. They can recover your harem's stamina and thwart your opponent's progress, making them unable to draw any cards via the "misplace" skill. Their offensive measures are built for the late game, resulting in a less powerful early game.

* Herms focus on aggression. They try to win as fast as possible, using low-cost cards and high PE stats. Herm stamina is usually very low, though, meaning that Herm Furres are easier to bring to orgasm.

* Otherkind focus on controlling opponents. They manipulate the field to their advantage, giving you more draw power, the ability to deny your opponents and bring back cards from your couch. Otherkind are weak to Treats, however, and tend to have inconsistent PE values, resulting in less focused furres.

I want to play Furoticon Online!

What's the status of Furoticon Online?

It's currently in production! Furoticon Online's launch is set for sometime in 2014. Check the front page for regular updates of our progress! If you have any questions you'd like to ask the Furoticon Online team, please do so on our Tumblr!

On what devices will I be able to play Furoticon Online?

As long as you have a Unity-enabled web browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera), then you'll be able to play Furoticon Online.

Will there be instructions on how to play?

Yes! When you load up Furoticon Online, you can't miss it! There's guides on how to use Furoticon Online and how to play games of Furoticon!

Will there be a free-to-play option?

Yes! After loading up Furoticon Online and creating a character, you can play immediately. Free decks and avatars are provided, just like if you were visiting one of our convention panels!

Will be able to choose an avatar in Furoticon Online?

Yes! You can pick out a free avatar the first time you log in. There are customization options available, too!

In what ways will I be able to customize my avatar?

We have a large number of species available upon launch that will be customizable, including Canines, Felines, Lapines, Equines, and others! You can change your avatar's body shape, colorings, clothes, and accessories! We are looking forward to bringing on as many new species, clothes and accessories as our sprite artists can make!

Will there be an offline practice mode?

Furoticon Online sill requires an internet connection, but an online practice mode is being considered.

Will my physical cards give me access to digital copies?

The time and effort that would go into a process that "proves" that any single person owns any single card is currently unavailable to us. Because no one likes starting from scratch on a collectable card game, rest assured that the digital cards will be affordable and easy to trade through our eventual online marketplace.

Will I be able to customize my online decks?

Just like you're able to customize physical Furoticon decks, you can customize your Furoticon Online decks and save them to your account.

Will digital decks and boosters be cheaper than physical decks and boosters?

Yes! We will continue to update you as we get closer to our launch date, expected in 2014.

What other languages might Furoticon Online be available in?

We would like to be able to offer Furoticon Online in several different languages, especially the three most prominent amongst our fans -- German, French, and Japanese. If you are fluent in one of those languages and English, contact for a translation opportunity. We appreciate all of our foreign-tongued customers, though, and we will work to make our game as accessible as possible!

I want to know about my purchases or shipping!

What service do you ship through?

We use the United States Postal System (USPS).

What type of packaging do you use?

We always use unmarked packages in order to not alert anyone to their contents.

We use plain brown bubble mailers for small, lightweight orders.

We use USPS priority mail packaging for large orders or orders that are heavier than 1 pound.

Every once in a while we'll use a specialty package to keep the shipping cost as low as possible.

When do you normally ship orders?

We usually ship twice a week. Orders are printed off as they come in, which is when you'll see a "handling" date and time on your account page.

I live in the United States. When will my order arrive?

US orders usually take 3-5 business days to arrive, but if you're on the east coast, sometimes they show up within 2 days!

I live outside the United States. When will my international order arrive?

Canadian orders usually take 2-4 weeks. If you're in Europe, Asia, Africa, or Australia, then you could expect your order in the 2-6 week range.

If you don't see anything in a few weeks after your order has been "handled," it's smart to check your local post office, as the package may be held in customs, waiting for you to pick it up. Please be familiar with your country's customs law, as they may levy an import duty on your cards. If you don't see anything past the 6-week mark, please contact Seppel!

Can I get a tracking number?

We are working on integrating tracking numbers into our system. Currently, if you order $80 or more, you will receive an email with tracking information when your package ships. If you don't receive an email, feel free to email Seppel for more information.

I just got my package, and something's missing/damaged. What do I do?

Please email Seppel with any questions on your package, including missing or damaged information. Including a picture helps!

I made a purchase, but I gave you the wrong address!

Please email Seppel as soon as you realize there may be a discrepancy. As long as your order is still in the office, then we will be able to fix any issues with your address.

I made a purchase, but I ordered the wrong thing!

Please email Seppel as soon as you realize there may be a discrepancy. As long as your order is still in the office, then we will be able to fix any issues with the contents of your order.

I want to know more about Furoticon and who makes it!

What is Furoticon?

Furoticon is an adult, furry, trading card game produced by Tail Kiss Studio, LLC. The first card set (consisting of 179 cards) was released in 2009. As of 2013, Furoticon has a total of 6 sets, averaging at approximately 250 new cards each year. Two new sets are released each year -- one in summer and one in winter.

What is Tail Kiss Studio?

Tail Kiss Studio is devoted to developing fun games for adults!

Tail Kiss Studio, LLC replaced Seppel Creations as Furoticon's parent company in 2013.

Who is in charge of Tail Kiss Studio?

Callista Skip is the Studio Co-Owner, PR Manager, Office Manager, and all-around Jill-of-all-things.

Seppel is the Studio Co-Owner, and Lead Designer. You should email him if you find a glitch on the website/forums/chat, or if you would like to talk about becoming a wholesaler for Furoticon!

Seppel is very busy, so if you don't receive an answer right away, please remember that he has a lot on his plate!

Sigil is our Lead Artist and Art Director. You should contact her if you have questions concerning card art, card artists, and other art-related inquiries.

Soap is our Project Manager. He works behind the scenes to make sure things don't spontaneously combust.


Nikomaru is our Map Designer, Office Go-fer, and Fix-it Guy.

Marik is our Lead Card Designer.

Marik, Tegome, Taz, and MageTorment are our Lead Card Developers.

I have an idea for a game! How do I go about making / designing / launching it?

We get this question a lot! There's no easy answer. The amount of time, energy, and dedication that creating Furoticon required was immense, and took years of planning, designing and playtesting.

Our best advice will always be that you should start saving money now, if you haven't started already. Unless you have a remarkable financial history, you probably won't qualify for a business loan to help you with the cost of printing.

After that, make sure you can pull together a dedicated team of friends, peers, experienced gamers -- people who will give you honest critique. Make sure you're fully prepared to have ideas completely scrapped or built up on other people's suggestions. Don't take it personally!

The rest are incidentals that can be tweaked as development goes on -- art, design, keywords and branding. Good luck!

Who makes the art for Furoticon? Do you do the art yourself?

We have worked with well over a hundred artists to create the art for Furoticon over the years. Their talent makes the game better, and by working almost exclusively with furry artists, we are able to give back to the community we hold so dear.

Did Seppel create everything in the game from scratch?

Pretty much! Though it would be wrong to say only Seppel created everything. The Card Designers and Playtesters, as well as dozens of fans, gave him ideas above and beyond the scope that he alone could create. Many people have put in the hard work that has made Furoticon what it is today.

I want to know about Furoticon events, conventions, and tournaments!

What conventions do you attend and what takes place there?

Take a look at our schedule of events in the top-right of this page! At each of these conventions we have a table in the Dealer Room/Expo Hall where you can get your cards. We also run how-to-play events and tournaments in the evenings. These can sometimes run pretty late, so be prepared for an epic night of gaming!

How do you choose what conventions to go to? What about proxy-attendance?

We go to any convention where we see interest, and are capable of making it there!

For some conventions, we use trusted proxies who are knowledgeable, longtime members of the community.

If you'd like to invite Furoticon to your convention in an official capacity (to run panels or be a Dealer), or are interested in becoming a proxy seller, please email Seppel.

What kind of tournaments do you run?

We offer two types of tournaments: Constructed and Limited. Each has two flavors! Below is a simplified version of each:

* Constructed - Beginner: Pick out a starter deck and play against other beginning players!
* Constructed - Normal: Bring your own customized 40-card deck and play against experienced players.
* Limited - Sealed: Build a 20-card deck using the contents of booster packs, and play against experienced players.
* Limited - Draft: Build a 20-card deck using cards you pick out of booster packs, and play against experienced players.

Depending on time and attendance, each tournament may be between 1 and 3 rounds. Everyone gets to play in every round! For the first round, players are paired randomly. In subsequent rounds, players are paired based on how well they did in previous rounds.

Each round lasts 40 minutes (2-player matches), 50 minutes (3- to 5-player matches), or 60 minutes (6- to 8-player matches). If there's no winner before time runs out, either the player with the highest stamina wins (2-player matches), or everyone loses 10 stamina and 10 max stamina every 10 minutes until there's a winner or the game is a draw due to everyone having 0 max stamina (3- to 8-player matches).

For 2-player matches, players earn 3 points for orgasming an opponent, 2 points for winning via highest stamina, 1 point for losing via lowest stamina, 1 point for a draw, and 0 points for losing via orgasm. If there's an odd number of players, the odd person out automatically gets 3 points for the round.

For 3- to 8-player matches, players (or teams) earn 3 points for orgasming an opponent. Every other player (or team) still in the game gets 1 point for surviving. The winning player (or team) gets 3 points. In some cases, it's possible for the winner to

The players (or teams) with the highest scores at the end of the tournament are the winners:
* For tournaments with 4 - 8 players (or teams), 1 player (or team) is declared a winner.
* For 9 - 16 players (or teams), 3 players (or teams) are declared the winners.
* For 17+ players (or teams), 5 players (or teams) are declared the winners.

Anyone who ties for a high score is a winner, even if this creates more winners than can be allowed. (For example, a 16 player tournament normally has three winners. If the four highest scores are 9, 8, 7 and 7, both players who tied for 7 points will be declared winners, which causes the tournament to have four winners instead of three.)

In events hosted by Tail Kiss Studio, all players will earn prizes just for playing in the event. Winners receive bonus prizes.

How can I check my official ranking?

Log in to your account, click on "Control Panel," then click on "Furoticon."

Rankings are updated bi-monthly.

I want to be a part of Furoticon!

How can I become a playtester for new Furoticon releases?

Every fall, we do an open call for playtesters. Fill out an application, and you may be in on the next set!

Want to know when applications open? Keep an eye on news updates or follow us on Twitter!

How can I get my character in the game?

Twice per year, we open auctions to allow you to bid for a card with your character on it!

Want to know when auctions are posted? Keep an eye on news updates or follow us on Twitter!

How can I become an artist for Furoticon?

Simply put in an application. We review applications twice per year, usually in summer and winter. If you have any additional questions about working with Tail Kiss Studio, consult the Artist FAQ.

How do I become a wholesaler of Furoticon products?

We work with individuals and companies on a case by case basis. Contact Seppel for more information!

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thank you for this. this is a huge help

CallistaSkip on Dec 29th, 2013 @ 02:06 PM
Taylona - About rankings: Yes! We're still working on getting the last couple of rankings into the system. The holidays have really thrown us for a loop! Also, your second question is answered in the FAQ, under the information for Furoticon Online ("Will my physical cards give me access to digital copies?").

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