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(Oct 28th, 2013)
Di'Ahla's Awakening - Spoiler Season starts November 1st and Pre-Orders start November 16th!
      by Callista Skip

Happy Monday! I know you're all as excited as I am to be back at work at the start of a fresh new week. Right? Yeah? Erg, okay, maybe not.

Things have been insane around the Tail Kiss Studio -- finalizing art and cards for Di'Ahla's Awakening, finishing playtesting for Fortune at Vell's End, starting to recreate the Tail Kiss Website, watching the Furoticon Online developers starting to work with our newly minted UI art, finalizing convention schedules for the next 6 months -- ahhhh, so much stuff!

Our Art Director, Sigil, and I are SO EXCITED to get spoiler season for Di'Ahla's Awakening (DAA) started! Here's a sneak peek of a fabulous piece of art, and our new DAA Logo!

Art by Blue Lotus
Logo by Pushy Garnet

Beautiful, right? It's going to be a party full of classic and new Di'Ahlan, Lithrinn, and Algurin characters! It may be a mini-set, but there's nothing small about how sexy and fun it's going to be!

Di'Ahla's Awakening Spoiler Season starts November 1st and Pre-Orders start November 16th. The big Release Date is December 20th! I'm too excited to wait a few more days, though! If you all promise not to tell Seppel, I'll sneak you a few more pre-season spoilers, though I can't promise they'll all be full-art like the one above!

Head over to my simple forum poll to let me know who you want to see spoiled first!

I'll have more information for you on that Tail Kiss website overhaul soon! I think you're all going to be very excited at what we're going to whip out!

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Azao on Oct 29th, 2013 @ 06:00 AM
Can't wait to see the spoilers. I wonder what new mechanics will be used.

Darkkismeth on Oct 29th, 2013 @ 03:53 AM
*drool* Oh, heh, great art, really!

Nezumi12 on Oct 28th, 2013 @ 10:47 PM
i'm seriously considering this as a christmas gift to myself.

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