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(Sep 22nd, 2013)
Visual Character Guide for ORAL College!
      by Seppel

Back in 2nd Vanilla, we had 10 notable characters surrounding the events of ORAL (Open Residence for Advanced Learning) College. 3rd Vanilla allowed us to expand the characters around the campus to 56 notable characters!

So to help you keep them all together, here's the ORAL College Character Guide!

Click to enlarge!

Click the image to see a large version of it! Everyone's sorted with colors -- for example, the denizens of Marr Swamp are in blue, the employees of Packin' Industries are in green, and the strippers of O'Hardley's Triangle are in red!

Follow the stories of all the characters here:

Vanilla Year
Chapter 1: Young Ambitious College Freshman
Chapter 2: Sup? It's Lily!
Chapter 3: Finding a Suitable Tree
Chapter 4: Togetherness
Chapter 5: Early Morning Library Study Session
Chapter 6: Rumors, Classes, and Parties
Chapter 7: Late-night Phone Call
Chapter 8: Samantha Tells a Bedtime Story
Chapter 9: It's for a Good Cause!
Chapter 10: Sue gets Hypnotized
Chapter 11: CollegePersonals #1
Chapter 12: Hazing Ritual, Part 1
Chapter 13: Hazing Ritual, Part 2
Chapter 14: Hazing Ritual, Part 3
Chapter 15: Meeting Grizzwald, Part 1
Chapter 16: Meeting Grizzwald, Part 2
Chapter 17: Meeting Grizzwald, Part 3
Chapter 18: Strange Tentacles
Chapter 19: A Hard Situation with Grizzwald, part 1
Chapter 20: A Hard Situation with Grizzwald, part 2
Chapter 21: Diary of a Ferret, part 1
Chapter 22: Diary of a Ferret, part 2
Chapter 23: Modeling is Marvelous, part 1
Chapter 24: Modeling is Marvelous, part 2
Chapter 25: A Hard Situation with Grizzwald, part 3
Chapter 26: A Hard Situation with Grizzwald, part 3
Chapter 27: Finals are this week!
Chapter 28: Lily: College Graduate!

Strawbery Year
Chapter 1: A Day In the Life of an O.R.A.L. Freshman
Chapter 2: I'm a Sophomore!
Chapter 3: It's time to celebrate!
Chapter 3: New Eyes on Campus: An Attempted Interview with Dr. Niels
Chapter 4: Meet Professor Suleimet
Chapter 5: Welcome to O'Hardley's Triangle!
Chapter 6: New Eyes on Campus: An Interview with Dr. Zigfeld
Chapter 7: Meet Professor Noel
Chapter 8: My Friend Daisy
Chapter 9: New Eyes on Campus: Professor Terrin, the Explorer!
Chapter 10: Meet some of my friends!
Chapter 11: Meet some of my friends, part 2!
Chapter 12: Meet Chessie!
Chapter 13: Meet the Athletics Team!
Chapter 14: An evening in the arts building!
Chapter 15: Busy times in the Library!
Chapter 16: The Importance of Freedom of Expression!
Chapter ??: The Strawberry Year storyline will be continued in the Furoticon College Adventure, coming as soon as we can finish writing it!


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LittleBoyEni on Sep 25th, 2013 @ 06:00 PM
Rather than the college adventure, I'd love to see Furoticon online!

Sigil on Sep 25th, 2013 @ 05:33 PM
Scrimno - If you look up the artist on the card art after next June, they may have prints to sell! I get prints done of the majority of the work I do for Furoticon.

Taz on Sep 25th, 2013 @ 01:05 AM
Hey, wait a moment . . . where's Reed? D:

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