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(Jul 1st, 2013)
Minideck Preview: Strawberry and the Followers of Kakok
      by Seppel

For our final previews before our big Strawberry release events at Anthrocon, July 4th - 7th, we'll be showing off what each of the minidecks contain!

Today we'll take a look at the Otherkin Minideck from Welcome Freshmen!

In the Otherkin Minideck, Strawberry and the Followers of Kakok, your deck focuses on controlling your opponents with your devoted followers!


Here's Tarsica, Kakok Servant, a Furre card -- part of your harem. Tarsica's not very good at pleasuring other Furres (the numbers in the bottom left, below the heart icon, are how much pleasure Tarsica gives to other Furres of each gender). But this Servant's powers are in the skill box: If you exhaust and climax Tarsica, you can stop a Furre or Action card that someone is trying to play, and send it straight to its owner's couch (discard pile). An opponent can choose to lose 5 stamina to stop Tarsica's effect (Tarsica will still be climaxed and on your couch), but either way, you're coming out ahead!

A Furre can't exhaust the turn it comes into the scene, so your opponent will still have some time to play anything important before you can deny stuff with Tarsica. In that case, you just need to surprise your opponent!


Members Only is a one-shot Action card. It's also a Surprise, which means you can play it on anyone's turn, instead of just your own. It denies a Furre or Action card, just like Tarsica. Instead of waiting to be able to activate it, you just pay Members Only's cost in the upper right corner, resolve its effect, and put it onto your couch.

Unlike Tarsica, your opponent doesn't get the option to lose 5 stamina. It's a firm denial. The only restriction is that the denied card must be Male or Female. This might sound like a big restriction, but the other four minidecks in Welcome Freshmen are Male, Female, and Herm, meaning it can deny 2 out of 3 of your opponents. Start making friends with the Herm player!

Denial is good for you. But wouldn't it be better if there was something that could go on top of that denial? Something so powerful, so game-changing, that your opponents will actively avoid playing cards?



Kakok is irresistible. Everyone joins Kakok. Even C'duyu can be persuaded to join. With Kakok on your side, you can pay an extra 2 AP and 1 Otherkin GP to not only deny a Furre, but put that Furre into the scene under your control.

Your opponent's harem? It's your harem now.

We'll explore another minideck tomorrow!

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IkariGullwing on Jul 6th, 2013 @ 11:22 AM
I'm curious about how cards like Kakok, All Mine, and Dissension will work with the new gender restrictive Owner cards. Will I be able to gain control of a Female furre with Dissension if my Owner card is Soap (who is restricted to Male and Herm genders only)?

Nezumi12 on Jul 5th, 2013 @ 10:42 PM
@Tegome: So that WAS Strawberry peeping on the couple. What a naughty girl. :)

Tegome on Jul 5th, 2013 @ 12:29 AM
If you look closely, you'll see that Members Only costs 2 Action Points, 1 Otherkin Gender Point, and 1 Strawberry Head.

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