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(May 9th, 2013)
New Eyes on Campus: An Interview with Dr. Zigfeld
      by Strawberry

Who better to interview than the guy who knows everything?

Dr. Zigfeld is my history professor, and he knows nearly everything that happened in the entire world. And not just facts and dates, but also what people were thinking and how they acted.

Art by Negger

"For example," Dr. Zigfeld said, "Gestan the Great was not so great when he discovered the land we now call the New Country. He was actually completely lost. There are plenty of journal entries where he wrote about how he was so happy that his crew hadn't realized that the compass was broken, or how he was erasing parts of their seamap to make it seem like they were farther away from land than they expected."

He walked to the open window and put one foot upon the sill and continued, "Imagine having finally settled on land, only to realize that your crew expects you to start charting with your inaccurate map." He sounds so esteemed whenever he says anything historic. "It's no surprise, really, that he and his crew never made it back home. It wasn't until forty years later that their remaining survivors and next generation were saved by the more competent crew of Belphina Marisse."

He's amazing. Our history book just says that Gestan the Great was the first to discover our country, and Belphina Marisse came second. And I didn't even remember to write down his stories about Belphina Marisse.

Dr. Zigfeld is wonderful to spend an evening with. He's lecherous, too, and this bold reporter will spare you the details about how low-cut her sundress was. And I'll skip the details he revealed to said reporter about how big certain body parts are.

Signing off gracefully,

Strawberry Picot~

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Bunnybunbun on May 12th, 2013 @ 09:06 PM
O.O WHY CANT I HAVE A SEXY LIZERD AS A HISTORY PROFFECER*snickers* i new eing in history was a good thing ^//////^

KoutaLeon on May 12th, 2013 @ 05:42 PM
I bet this is going to be an Otherkind type for sure :3

Nezumi12 on May 12th, 2013 @ 02:29 AM
gestan he great was really gestan the lost. i like how there seems to be a lot of thought put into not only the current story, but the whole world, past and present.

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