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(May 13th, 2012)
Meet Taneka, the Lutani Elder!
      by Callista Skip

The Lutani Elders had a history of letting problems work themselves out. Not to say that the otters as a tribe were hands-off, but that the Elders themselves preferred to help direct a person to the right answer, rather than offer it up on a silver platter. This frustrated even the most stalwart Camp Overseer in times of distress, but when a problem was solved through intelligence and teamwork, the tribe appreciated their Elders' ability to let someone else take the credit for a job well done.

So it was that there was general confusion when the pact was arranged. A new generation of Elders had only been in place for a few years, and many shook their head at what was considered a batch of "fresh ideas." What was left of the old generation of Elders voiced their concerns, only to be met with reassurances.

Lutani Elder Taneka was very proud of the pact, and the role her eldest daughter would play in it. She considered a union with the Haidar to be a big step in the role that the otters played in Tanglebrook, and hoped that the joining of their tribes would soon be a thing of the past, something to be respected and understood.

Art by A_Blue_Deer

But when the trouble starts, and Kanette is whisked away under threat of pain, Taneka finds herself walking down a much different path, one not padded with the promise of a grand history.

Guide Taneka in the Tribes of Tanglebrook Starter Deck: Otters of Tanglebrook, to bring peace and pleasure to Tanglebrook!

Preorders begin May 25th!

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