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(Mar 27th, 2012)
Hazing Ritual, part 3
      by Boy Toy

Intelligence is a turn-on for me, but I wasn't expecting this.

Art by Pretzel

The mad scientist wolf had me as hir prisoner in the basement of hir mansion. I was nude and chained to a cold metal table. Shi was rambling about love and hir "creation." I tried to be as genial and non-confrontational as possible, but shi insisted I meet hir creation and learn a new way to feel the world.

I'm a very rational person, and I'm open to many things, but this wolf was just crazy. I learned just how crazy when shi finally brought in hir creation. I had never seen anything like it. It walked on two legs, it had a recognizable body shape, but it looked like it was all bones. It made a smooth hissing sound as it walked toward me, and I could tell its unblinking eyes were scanning me. Its metal hips swayed with each graceful step, but I could tell it weighed a lot by the firm sound of its clawed feet hitting the ground. And it had a firm, curved black protrusion jutting from its pelvis.

As it stood over me, I could feel it breathing, and it was cold.

Art by Dare

I was staring wide-eyed with my jaw dropped.

"I'll let you two get comfortable," said the wolf as shi curled into a corner and eyed at us with a wicked grin.

After a small pause, I asked the machine, "Are you... fully functional?"

The machine nodded, and its black protrusion began humming as it vibrated.

"That appears to be designed for someone other than me."

The vibrations stopped, and it looked like the machine could tell that his giant black metal cock was not my type.

"Besides, you feel so cold," I said. "I'm afraid that I'd be too warm for you."

The machine tilted its head and clearly understand.

"And these cuffs are just so tight. It wouldn't be at all comfortable."

To my surprise, after saying that, the machine used its powerful, stick-like arms to break open each of my chains, one by one. I sat up and rubbed my wrists, then grabbed my scarf and used that to warm myself up a bit.

I looked up and smiled at the machine, "Maybe in a different time, and different bodies, we could have been something special."

The machine sat down with me, and I could tell it needed some way to calm the lust that was built into its body. Just then, the wolf burst from hir corner, furious at me. "What the hell?! The last thing I'd think you were is a goody two-shoes! What's wrong with getting plugged by anything that moves?"

My cock was still throbbing, but it does that often. "I'm very sorry, but it's just not my type."

The wolf turned to the machine and practically spat in its face, "I demand you get the satisfaction you crave!"

I jumped in surprise as the machine sat up and quickly grabbed the wolf by hir hair, swung hir around, and bent hir over the table I was on less than a second prior. The wolf moaned loudly as the machine penetrated hir immediately, the black tool vibrating furiously inside hir.

Art by Korrok

I backed away as the wolf was torn between enjoying hir artificial lover and cursing me for not being a slut! I ran home fast, stopping only for a minute to calm my erection!

That was certainly something different! For the record, I didn't steal anything, and I'm never falling for another hazing ritual ever again!

In other news, Grizzwald wants to meet up with me again. I feel giddy!

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IceWulf on Jul 20th, 2012 @ 04:00 AM
lucky wolf, i love it when it stacks up literally like that

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