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(Aug 3rd, 2011)
Sue gets Hypnotized
      by Seppel

"Sue, there's no such thing as magic." Samantha rolled her eyes as her shocked younger sister screwed up her face in protest.

"Yes there is! I saw it! Why would I lie to you?" Sue huffed. She grabbed the pair of half-eaten apples she had brought back to their nest and shoved them into Samantha's face. "I didn't finish the apples, Sam! How do you explain that?"

Samantha pushed herself away from her anxious sister and nearly fell over the side of the nest, catching herself on the edge. The nude squirrel shook her head, shrugging. "You probably took a walk, got lost, and fell asleep in the afternoon heat."

"I remember following after hir!"

"You had a dream."

"I was eaten out!"

"Fine, a wet dream."

"Ugh!" Sue threw her hands up in frustration, turning away from Samantha. "I want my own nest."

The older squirrel grumbled, "Sue, don't be stupid. You couldn't-"

"You never listen to me!" Sue shouted, slamming her small fist against the supporting branch.

The uncomfortable silence that followed made Samantha realize she was being just as irrational as her sister, and that she should be setting a good example. "Sue, I'm sorry."

Samantha scooted forward and wrapped her arms around Sue, hugging her close. "I didn't mean to upset you. I was being stupid." She smiled, saying, "I don't have a good reason for doubting you. You wouldn't make something like this up unless you were trying to hide something."

Sue folded her arms and scowled. "That's right."

Samantha nuzzled her sister's head, "Tell me again what happened, and I'll listen to every bit of your story."

Sue wanted to continue being grumpy, but relented, "Really?"

"Yup, every last detail!"

Sue pushed Samantha away and grabbed the apples again. "So here I was, waiting for you to come back, just munching on these apples." Sam peered at the fruit, noticing how the white insides had turned brown.

Her sister continued, "Then all of a sudden I heard a whoosh! Like something just flew right over me! I was scared and I thought I was gonna get robbed. But then I saw hir!"

Sue pointed toward the other side of their tree, "A few yards away, there was an opossum looking at me! And I swear shi was smiling." Sue grew quiet for a moment, lost in memory. Sam almost spoke up, but Sue said softly, "I didn't know what to do. Hir eyes kept shimmering at me, and I needed to follow hir. So I did!"

Art by Chickenteeth

Sue dropped the apples, as she must have when this all took place. "I had such an urge to play with hir. I started following as best I could across the branches, but shi turned and ran away!" Sue pointed at the thick intertangled treetops that bordered their part of the grove. "I tried to run too, but I slipped and fell!"

Sue made a gesture showing her hand plummeting down to the ground, and then she suddenly grabbed it with her other hand. "Then I was caught! The opossum grabbed me and lowered me to the ground. I sat there, and blushed with my legs spread. 'Play for me,' shi said."

Art by A_Blue_Deer

Sue smiled guiltily, "Sam, I rubbed my pussy so much and I couldn't keep my eyes off of hir!"

Samantha was a little disturbed by her sister's story, not sure she wanted to believe that there was a person who might want to entice her sister in this way. But, she tried her best not to upset Sue, saying, "And then what happened?"

Sue opened her eyes wide and shook her head, "I don't know! The next thing I remember was having an intense orgasm, then seeing the opossum sitting on top of me was some sort of glass ball. The inside looked all swirly and magical."

Art by Haze

"Then shi ran off, leaving me all wet and feeling good, but I had no idea where I was. I'm not used to that part of the forest yet."

Samantha nodded. "So that's why, when I came back with those two guys, I had to play with them both all by myself."

Sue giggled, concluding, "And that's why your bottom aches!"

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