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(Jul 4th, 2011)
It's for a good cause!
      by Lily Tyla

The dreaded midterms have creeped up on us! We're all going crazy!

Okay, just a little crazy. I had two exams today and I spent this past weekend studying and writing a ten-page paper. More time spent on classwork means less time making money. I gotta eat! And I have to go see more movies, and I need to get my ears pierced, and I need new everything.

The world hates me sometimes. What did I do to you, world? I've been a good bunny this year!

What was that, world? Last Tuesday? What I did last Tuesday was necessary for my survival and well-being:

"It's for a good cause, I swear!"

In other crazy news, ALL MY SOCKS ARE WET. Why are they wet? I don't know! I left them on the kitchen table when I was folding laundry this afternoon. When I got back from class, they were wet. Not just moist, I'm talking soaking wet. I'd take a picture, but my cam can't reach into the kitchen.

My roommate doesn't know how they got wet. He said he was on his computer the whole time.

The only other person it could've been is Marlii. Shi has a key to my dorm. And I know shi's been trying to get me back after what I did the other day:

A post-orgasmic cold shower.

But it wasn't hir. Shi was at the library. I just don't know!

The mystery of the wet socks, otherwise known as the mystery of why I have to spend another dollar at the laundromat, may never be solved.

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