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(Jun 16th, 2011)
Rumors, Classes, and Parties
      by Boy Toy

It's been a while since I've made a journal entry! So let's see, what has happened...

Well, I'm still doing well at the Open Residence for Advanced Learning. I've learned some funny stories about the grounds, like how the entire campus was built over some important swamp hundreds of years ago. There's a rumor that the basement of Knobbler Hall is flooded, and there's some body-eating mandragoras growing down there. The gym behind Wiggly Field allegedly has a staircase behind some lockers that leads down to a bolted up steel door. Nobody knows what's behind it, but you can hear a slow swishing noise if you press your ear up to the door. If you knock on the door, the sound stops. If you wait a few seconds, the swishing starts back up as if nothing ever happened. Creepy! And my own Stiffler Hall apparently has its own sex cult run in its basement, complete with rituals and chanting.

Wow! I guess the moral is to stay out of basements!

A friend of mine was asking how the campus looks, so I took this picture for him.

Art by TheGreatBadGuy

There's Knobbler hall on the left, and the fitness center on the right. Knobbler hall is where I have most of my physics classes.

Oh, right, classes! Let me tell you about them!

Last week, I was amused by the double-slit experiment, though I doubt I'll try playing with it firsthand. I'm enjoying physical chemistry!

Oh, and we had some faulty lab equipment on my Friday evening class. I was up late with my professor trying to get things working again. When I finally got back to my dorm, I found out that my roommate Lily started a party just around the time I left for class. I know she loves being a party girl, but I don't drink (nor am I old enough to drink).

I didn't really want to be a burden, so I tried to make my way to my bedroom, but I got pulled into a conversation in my kitchen. I wasn't really interested at first, but I impressed a few people with the campus stories I learned.

Okay, I promised myself that I wouldn't share this part, but I'll admit it: I had a great time! We talked forever and the one ocelot boy (who shall remain nameless) was totally checking me out! I was so embarrassed by the undertones of everything he said to me. It started off with a few compliments. My eyes, my voice -- subtle things that made me wonder if he was into me. In retrospect, I probably blushed a bunch, encouraging him with more than just a "thank you."

We kept talking and broke off from the other guys I met when I started talking about how cramped my bedroom is. He wanted to see it, and like a naive mouse, I led that cat right into my room.

As soon as the door closed, he wrapped his arms around me from behind as we talked, and he began unbuttoning my shirt. I stuttered, but didn't stop him. His claws rubbed gently along my chest, and I could feel his cock getting stiffer as our hips pressed against each other.

He told me to take off my shorts. I kicked off my shoes, pushed my socks off with my toes, and by the time I was done bending over to drop my shorts, he pulled me back into him. He had undressed too. I felt his firm cock against my rear, and I was surprised at how hard I was, too.

Art by Keishinkae

I felt one hand reach around, and I moaned as he started jerking me off and rocking his hips against me. I'm ashamed to say I didn't last longer than a minute in that hot, intimate moment. I came in his hand right there. I swallowed and felt humiliated for cumming so quickly, but he held me tight and brought his hand to my mouth, and I licked it clean. Oh my goodness, the whole event had me elated!

I would have returned the favor, but he said he had a bit to drink and that I'd be up all night if I tried to get him off. I wouldn't have minded!

He said I'd owe him one for later. I'm so excited!

Should I do it? Let me know!

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