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(Jun 4th, 2011)
Sup? It's Lily!
      by Lily Tyla

So it's finally starting to warm up outside. It's about time! I'm tired of cold nights and I want to be able to go outside again! Argh.

Marlii, we need to hang out more often. I don't know if I told you, but I have a little gay boy freshman as my roommate this semester, lol! I'm always the odd girl out. He's pretty nice, actually. But I have no one to party with, which means I've forcibly been sober. It'll be good for me, right? Yeah...

I think this weekend I'm gonna re-dye my hair, get my belly button pierced, and buy a new shirt or something. How do you get money, Lily, if you have no job? It's a secret!

Oh, it's not a secret at all. I still do that work on the side, and the pay is still amazing!

Anyway, I'm up in Stiffler Hall, and if you know what the dorms are like, there's two small bedrooms in the back. I can barely fit my bed and dresser in there. So my computer and my roommate's computer are out in the living room. When we're both using them, we're pretty much seated back-to-back.

It's not a big problem, really. But I can totally tell when he's masturbating. He tries to be quiet, but normally he's typing a looooot, so I know exactly when he's doing it without even turning around. He makes the cutest little moan when he cums!

He really needs a boyfriend, lol! Maybe I'll introduce him to you sometime.

So, guess what. I behaved this winter! Take a look!

Art by Lintu

I'm still as fine as ever. Everyone wants a piece of me!

Write me back, and let's do something soon! I miss all my friends!


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