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(Jun 2nd, 2011)
Young Ambitious College Freshman
      by Boy Toy

Hi everyone! I'm a slender 5'5", 115-pound mouse. I have white hair, violet eyes, a feminine voice, and an insane sense of curiosity. I'm quiet until I spend a bit of time with people; it takes a little while before I can open up. I'm a pretty active conversationalist, but I can be shy. Compliments and the like tend to embarrass me (especially about my eyes).

I'm looking for someone who's intellectual, full of personality, and has interests the same as mine. I'm moderately effeminate, and I don't do a lot of "guy" things. I don't like sports, trucks, chopping wood, or anything like that. Most of the time I'm content to watch shows, play a few games, and go out to explore new places.

I'm a freshman at the Open Residence for Advanced Learning, and I'm getting my B.S. in physics with a minor in photography.

Wanna take a peek at me?

Art by Luckypan

I can't show you everything, but maybe if we become good friends, we can play around a bit!

And don't be afraid to message me, I love meeting new people!

I can't wait to tell you about a tight situation I was involved in!

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