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(Oct 30th, 2017)
Lady Ahla's Adventure, Part 12!
      by Seppel

-> Be Paige.


In title, you have the same duties and power as Talgurin, except you manage the administrative duties of the position, as well as act in Talgurin's absence. On the surface, it would appear that Talgurin acts as the brawn, while you act as the brains, but you know Talgurin is as much against violence as you are.

You've lived your entire life in Di'Oro. As a hybrid of feline and avian descent, you've always attracted glances, which, combined with your passions for LEARNING and PROBLEM SOLVING have made you well-known in the High Guild. As you grew up and took on tasks that accelerated your FRIENDLY COMPETITIVE NATURE, you were one of the few guards promoted from outside the High Guild and into the inner circle. Despite being an EXTROVERT, you are at times SOCIALLY AWKWARD. And while you aren't very tall, your body is built to move incredibly fast -- faster on foot than Talgurin in flight!

You are EASILY EXCITED, causing your voice to get unintentionally loud.

When Talgurin found that he needed an assistant, there was no doubt that he would pick you to be his counterpart. You look up to Talgurin and respect him beyond belief. On rare occurrences, you've been intimate with him, but you tend to talk a lot, which makes such times in the sauna embarrassing and longer than necessary. Though ambitious, you may be a little too inexperienced for a 600 year-old dragon!

Speaking of which, here he is now! You salute each other, but he appears panicked. He explains the shocking situation.

: "Paige, Lady Ahla is in imminent danger, and those who wish to do her wrong are right under our very noses."

: "What?! Who?"

: "There's little time to explain, but I need you to detain Lord Laint and Lady Vitelle."

: "Two of Lady Ahla's advisors? Sir, are you serious?"

: "Paige, can you do it?"

: "Yes I can!"

: "They're at Vel'Jid Bordello. Find them, and hold them in a private room. I will find Lady Ahla and secure her safety."

: "You can count on me, Captain! We will save the day! Everything will turn out-"

: "Go!"

: "Ah! Yes sir!"

It doesn't take much convincing for you to follow Talgurin's orders. Protecting the Lady of Di'Oro from troublemakers is such an important task that you've yearned to do ever since you were signed on to the High Guild Guard!

You see Talgurin's tentacles spread into wings as you make haste to the bordello. On the way, you nearly bump into Lieutenant Ahrune.

: "Sorry, Lieutenant, it's an emergency."

: "Seneschal, stop!"

He ordered you to stop? Hah! He has no command over you! And you're about to be a hero, no doubt. You run into the bordello, flashing your badge to the surprise of the door guard, who lets you in.

While absorbed in HERO MODE, you realize you haven't much clue how the bordello operates. It's just a bunch of closed doors everywhere! You decide to check room by room until you've found and detained the pair of... criminals? Yes, criminals. They must be criminals!

-> Open doors like a HERO

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ezekiel_tyr on Oct 31st, 2017 @ 01:36 PM
should have been more open the door LIKE A BOSS!

Nezumi12 on Oct 30th, 2017 @ 09:38 PM
how DOES a hero open doors?
as a long time fan and player of rogues and barbarians, i can tell you from experience that there's more than one way to deal with a locked and trapped door.
and some of them won't get the rest of the party killed.

cuddles on Oct 30th, 2017 @ 01:46 PM
Open doors like a hero.

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