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(Sep 12th, 2017)
The complete ORAL College lore!
      by Seppel

The events of ORAL (Open Residence for Advanced Learning) College involve over 50 notable characters! So to help you keep them all together, here's the ORAL College Character Guide!

Click to enlarge!

Click the image to see a large version of it! Everyone's sorted with colors -- for example, the denizens of Marr Swamp are in blue, the employees of Packin' Industries are in green, and the dancers of O'Hardley's Triangle are in red!

Follow the stories of all the characters here:

Vanilla Year
Chapter 1: Young Ambitious College Freshman
Chapter 2: Sup? It's Lily!
Chapter 3: Finding a Suitable Tree
Chapter 4: Togetherness
Chapter 5: Early Morning Library Study Session
Chapter 6: Rumors, Classes, and Parties
Chapter 7: Late-night Phone Call
Chapter 8: Samantha Tells a Bedtime Story
Chapter 9: It's for a Good Cause!
Chapter 10: Sue gets Hypnotized
Chapter 11: CollegePersonals #1
Chapter 12: Hazing Ritual, Part 1
Chapter 13: Hazing Ritual, Part 2
Chapter 14: Hazing Ritual, Part 3
Chapter 15: Meeting Grizzwald, Part 1
Chapter 16: Meeting Grizzwald, Part 2
Chapter 17: Meeting Grizzwald, Part 3
Chapter 18: Strange Tentacles
Chapter 19: A Hard Situation with Grizzwald, part 1
Chapter 20: A Hard Situation with Grizzwald, part 2
Chapter 21: Diary of a Ferret, part 1
Chapter 22: Diary of a Ferret, part 2
Chapter 23: Modeling is Marvelous, part 1
Chapter 24: Modeling is Marvelous, part 2
Chapter 25: A Hard Situation with Grizzwald, part 3
Chapter 26: A Hard Situation with Grizzwald, part 3
Chapter 27: Finals are this week!
Chapter 28: Lily: College Graduate!

Strawbery Year
Chapter 1: A Day In the Life of an O.R.A.L. Freshman
Chapter 2: I'm a Sophomore!
Chapter 3: It's time to celebrate!
Chapter 3: New Eyes on Campus: An Attempted Interview with Dr. Niels
Chapter 4: Meet Professor Suleimet
Chapter 5: Welcome to O'Hardley's Triangle!
Chapter 6: New Eyes on Campus: An Interview with Dr. Zigfeld
Chapter 7: Meet Professor Noel
Chapter 8: My Friend Daisy
Chapter 9: New Eyes on Campus: Professor Terrin, the Explorer!
Chapter 10: Meet some of my friends!
Chapter 11: Meet some of my friends, part 2!
Chapter 12: Meet Chessie!
Chapter 13: Meet the Athletics Team!
Chapter 14: An evening in the arts building!
Chapter 15: Busy times in the Library!
Chapter 16: The Importance of Freedom of Expression!

Strawbery Year, Part 2
Play the Furoticon College Adventure!

Caramel Year
Chapter 1: Hey, it's Caramel!
Chapter 2: I'm dating a Freshman!
Chapter 3: A Winter Celebration to Remember!
Chapter 4: Chessie tells all!
Chapter 5: Ashamai's invitation to Mt. Mesa!
Chapter 6: I'm a Snowbunny!
Chapter 7: You're invited to Marlii's NYE party!
Chapter 8: Caramel, Niko, Callista, and Seppel!
Chapter 9: Sebastian and Caramel!
Chapter 10: Strawberry, Osfia, Aria, and Dewni!
Chapter 11: Chessie gets the fun started!
Chapter 12: Tandy, Cotton, and Jarla welcome you to Mt. Mesa!
Chapter 13: Lily and Daisy have their eyes set on Instructor Ryan!
Chapter 14: Fun with Lily, Daisy, and Ryan!
Chapter 15: Marlii and Nicki at New Year's Eve!
Chapter 16: Vanna dates Thackary, and Gloria dates Lecta!
Chapter 17: Astronomy Club: Butch and Flank!
Chapter 18: Astronomy Club: Lance and Jesse!
Chapter 19: Astronomy Club: Troubled Tiger!
Chapter 20: Astronomy Club: Meet Professor Powell!
Chapter 21: Astronomy Club: An Endowed Equine!
Chapter 22: Astronomy Club: The Troubled Tiger meets Callista!
Chapter 23: The Full Astronomy Club picture!
Chapter 24: Zig Zag!
Chapter 25: Spread and Begging!
Chapter 26: Slick and Slide!
Chapter 27: Moxie's in charge!
Chapter 28: Gloria's in charge!
Chapter 29: The Dean's not in charge!
Chapter 30: Licentious Lecta!
Chapter 31: Ashamai and Buck... missing?
Chapter 32: Botched Plans!
Chapter 33: Buck's continuing blunders!
Chapter 34: Ashamai Unleashed!
Chapter 35: The next morning...
Chapter 36: Caramel art reprints!
Chapter 37: Thrust into the new year!
Chapter 38: Nicki's got a Buzzerfly!
Chapter 39: Clairvoyance!
Chapter 40: Dr. Zigfeld is back!
Chapter 41: Sixty-nine is back!
Chapter 42: The Dean's advances are rejected!
Chapter 43: Why were the dean's advances rejected? Everthrob!
Chapter 44: The Dean's got dicks everywhere!
Chapter 45: Two new characters invited to Marlii's party!
Chapter 46: Vanna Black!
Chapter 47: Sascha, the After-Hours Technician!
Chapter 48: Swapping Spree!
Chapter 49: Switching Rears at the end of the night!
Chapter 50: Sebastian lends a Helping Hand!
Chapter 51: Knock the Walls!
Chapter 52: Garland Gathering!
Chapter 53: Seviriel welcomes you to Marr Swamp!
Chapter 54: All set up for celebration!
Chapter 55: The festival begins!
Chapter 56: Dewni's festival fun!
Chapter 57: A climactic finale!
Chapter 58: And they all had sex. The end!

Would anyone be interested if we cleaned up, uncensored, and compiled all of these stories into a novel or PDF download, like we did with Triskelion's Reign?

Leave a message in the comments!

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ezekiel_tyr on Sep 14th, 2017 @ 04:28 PM
and of course my fav character is included in this :D

LadySikerra on Sep 14th, 2017 @ 02:22 PM
A PDF download would be awesome! I always love finding out the lore behind the cards in any game, but the lore of this one is especially interesting to me. And I'm a pretty ravenous reader, so anything I can get lost in like this always makes me happy!

cuddles on Sep 13th, 2017 @ 08:12 AM
Yes, I would buy a novel if one was available.

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