PvE Furoticon Adventure Mode #1: Taneka (Test)

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PvE Furoticon Adventure Mode #1: Taneka (Test)

Post by Seppel » Thu Jul 13, 2017 10:24 am

This is an experimental new way to play Furoticon!
For 1 - 8 players!
Note: This isn't going to be an official product. This is mostly to enable you to play Furoticon when nobody else is around to play. But it also works in a group setting, too!

**PvE Adventure Mode**

In Adventure Mode, you will face off against notable characters in Furoticon, using your harem to best their own!

A "Boss" Owner is a non-player-controlled competitor in a Furoticon match. Any number of players may team up to take on a boss, and the goal is to defeat the boss with as few players as possible. The Boss always goes first, and the players take a single turn, sharing their turn steps (e.g. everyone refills, everyone refreshes, then everyone enters the main step. Everyone gets their individual bed steps during the main step.)

Bosses may be ranked in a difficulty of ♥ to ♥♥♥♥♥.

**Differences in a Boss game**

Play a standard game of Furoticon, except on the Boss's turn, do the following:

1) The boss refreshes.
2) The boss plays the top card of the Boss deck.
3) The boss activates all activated skills it controls in an order of your choice. Repeatable skills are used only once per turn.

If the boss plays a "Swing!" card, the boss swings with all Furres that can swing, with one exception: if this would cause all of its Furres that can put out to swing, the Furre with the lowest stamina that can put out is not included in the swing. If multiple players are playing, the boss chooses to swing at the player with the fewest Furres.

After bed is over, the Boss plays the top card of the Boss deck (if it's another "Swing!" card, refresh all of the Boss's Furres and begin another bed step.)

**Other small differences**

If the boss plays an Action card, Alteration card, activated skill, or triggered skill, refer to the Boss's targeting options.

When a player swings at the boss, the boss puts out with all possible Furres.

In bed, if the boss is outnumbered, you choose where the pleasure goes, as long as the choice is one that gives the maximum possible pleasure in bed.


The boss has a 30-card main deck and a 10-card "Counter" deck: When you play an Action or Treat card, flip up the top of the Counter deck and resolve it in reaction to the card you played. The counter deck has no other use. It can't be misplaced it otherwise manipulated.

You use a standard 40-card deck with normal customization rules.

**Win Conditions**

You win if: The boss's stamina reaches 0.

The boss wins if: Your stamina reaches 0, or the boss begins its turn with 0 cards in its black book.

Test Boss #1: Taneka, Lutani Elder


**Main Deck**
1x Koali
1x Camp Overseer
1x Knotgripper
1x Cai
1x Drex
1x Breathing Room
1x Luxurious Ride
1x Otterway Toll
1x Lutani Cocksluts
1x Suspicious Otters
1x Huntress Itani
1x Kanette
1x River Guide Jama
1x Elder Makari
1x Ipkoo
1x Noai
1x Hadi
1x Lidoo
1x Arn
1x Otter Spring
10x Swing!

**Counter Deck**
2x Breathing Room
2x Untouchable
2x Join the Team
2x Otter Spring
2x Ruins

**Targeting Rules**

- Luxurious Ride: Always target opponent's Furre with highest :sp: . If no opposing Furres, discard instead.

- Breathing Room: Always target opponent's Furre with highest :sp: . If no opposing Furres, discard instead. Never activate the last skill.

- Ruins: Opponent's treat. Otherwise do not activate.

- Join the Team: Choose "Otter."

- Stamina gain: Self's Furre with most stamina lost.

- In case of multiple choices, or other choices: Player's choice.
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Re: PvE Furoticon Adventure Mode #1: Taneka (Test)

Post by DemonioB » Wed Aug 23, 2017 6:16 pm

Okay, yeah, I will take a look at this old idea when I get my cards and see If it works.

I was thinking on making a thread about comming up for Ideas for a 1 player Furoticon.
changing the rules so its similar to the lord of the rings single player card game, but about orgasmin others and stuff.

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