Starter deck lists?

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Starter deck lists?

Post by Loben » Sat Jan 02, 2010 11:44 am

Hello! Being new to this game, I figured I would get used to how things go by proxying up some decks and rolling with them. I wanted to start with the starter decks and see how the game plays out with basic decks, but I can't seem to find their deck lists anywhere. The spoiler does show which cards are in the starter decks, but not how many of each. Can anyone help with this? Thanks!

I hope this game is as fun as it looks!
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Re: Starter deck lists?

Post by Seppel » Sat Jan 02, 2010 1:50 pm

This should be posted somewhere. I don't know why it still isn't. XD

To get any of these decks, simply visit the Get Cards! page. :)

In Stock Decks
Climax has four 40-card decks.

College Grads - [card]Caramel, Valedictorian[/card]
2x [card]Clumsy Librarian[/card]
1x [card]Daniel, Prospect[/card]
2x [card]Flank and Jesse[/card]
1x [card]Great Time, Gotta Go[/card]
2x [card]Grizzwald, VIP[/card]
1x [card]Head Rush[/card]
4x [card]Heights[/card]
2x [card]Inquiring Mind[/card]
1x [card]Lecta and Emmerson[/card]
2x [card]Lingerie Lizard[/card]
1x [card]Marlii, Suspicious[/card]
2x [card]Marlii's Office[/card]
2x [card]Messy Thrust[/card]
4x [card]Moorlands[/card]
2x [card]Nicki, Exuberant[/card]
2x [card]Red Vibrator[/card]
2x [card]Sebastian, Graduate[/card]
1x [card]Sticky Mess[/card]
2x [card]Sudden Shower[/card]
2x [card]Tidy Up[/card]
2x [card]VIP Room[/card]

College Dancers - [card]Spitty-kitty, Head Cheerleader[/card]
1x [card]Aria and Strawberry[/card]
2x [card]Center Stage[/card]
1x [card]College Days[/card]
2x [card]Come Again[/card]
2x [card]Costumed Crasher[/card]
1x [card]Crystal Vixens[/card]
2x [card]Diveka's Flat[/card]
4x [card]Forests[/card]
2x [card]Full Inbox[/card]
2x [card]Kris, Keynote Speaker[/card]
2x [card]Lily, Club Manager[/card]
2x [card]Lost ID[/card]
2x [card]Marin[/card]
1x [card]Osfia and Diveka[/card]
4x [card]Outskirts[/card]
1x [card]Rework[/card]
2x [card]Snack Plate[/card]
2x [card]Sour Samantha[/card]
1x [card]Tonguebound Trio[/card]
2x [card]Troubled Tiger[/card]
2x [card]Three's Company[/card]

Wolves of Tanglebrook - [card]Somn, the High Shaman[/card]
2x [card]Akwene and Tadzi[/card]
1x [card]Alphus Council[/card]
2x [card]Alphus Leader Trum[/card]
2x [card]Alphus Ambush[/card]
2x [card]Call of the Wolves[/card]
2x [card]Chanter Hakka[/card]
1x [card]Chark, Vision Ward[/card]
1x [card]Crimsonred[/card]
2x [card]Dicksmasher[/card]
1x [card]Drum Circle[/card]
2x [card]Expanded Borders[/card]
2x [card]Facial Battalion[/card]
2x [card]Gang Thrust[/card]
1x [card]Gays of Justice[/card]
2x [card]Gurt, Hunter Elite[/card]
2x [card]Huntmaster[/card]
1x [card]Kinship Studio[/card]
4x [card]Moorlands[/card]
4x [card]Outskirts[/card]
2x [card]Pack Conclave[/card]
2x [card]Tilled Field[/card]
Includes 3 Male [card]Wolf[/card] and 9 Otherkind [card]Wolf[/card] token cards.

Rats of Tanglebrook - [card]Quickfingers, Murodian Majordomo[/card]
1x [card]Ambassador Hakir[/card]
2x [card]Bilge Rat[/card]
1x [card]Cobbler Roundbottom[/card]
1x [card]Dissension[/card]
4x [card]Forests[/card]
4x [card]Heights[/card]
1x [card]Kinship Studio[/card]
2x [card]Lei Aire[/card]
2x [card]Murodian Advance[/card]
1x [card]Murodian Charity[/card]
2x [card]Murodian Settlement[/card]
2x [card]Paying Respects[/card]
2x [card]Rat Hideaway[/card]
2x [card]Slickslit[/card]
2x [card]Snatchstuffer[/card]
2x [card]Tailraiser[/card]
1x [card]The Rat Queens[/card]
2x [card]Unfamiliar Territory[/card]
2x [card]Victory Squat[/card]
2x [card]Vriga[/card]
2x [card]Wrong Place, Right Time[/card]
Heist has three 40-card decks.

Going All In - Male/Otherkind - [card]First Mate Tahas[/card]
2x [card]Airman Bokeh[/card]
1x [card]Chief Tsou[/card]
1x [card]Clever Thao[/card]
1x [card]First Class Seat[/card]
1x [card]Hadi[/card]
2x [card]Harum[/card]
2x [card]Initial Recon[/card]
2x [card]Kalton[/card]
2x [card]Maret[/card]
1x [card]Mission Debrief[/card]
2x [card]Modjo[/card]
5x [card]Moorlands[/card]
5x [card]Outskirts[/card]
1x [card]Poor Position[/card]
1x [card]Rimjob[/card]
1x [card]Secluded Terrain[/card]
2x [card]The Ellusory[/card]
1x [card]Tsou and Bokeh[/card]
2x [card]Unexpected Thrust[/card]
2x [card]Walk This Way[/card]
1x [card]Wingman Truku[/card]
2x [card]Yang[/card]

The Full Monte - Female/Herm - [card]Berhati, Undressed[/card]
1x [card]Ample Affair[/card]
1x [card]Bilge Rat[/card]
2x [card]Busted[/card]
2x [card]Dame Tulatu[/card]
4x [card]Forests[/card]
6x [card]Heights[/card]
1x [card]Junior Technician Oromet[/card]
2x [card]Lainie[/card]
2x [card]Lemah[/card]
2x [card]Narita[/card]
2x [card]Octavia[/card]
1x [card]Oromet and Plumeria[/card]
2x [card]Oromet's Specs[/card]
1x [card]Paiya[/card]
1x [card]Plumeria, Fiery[/card]
1x [card]Plumeria's Wish[/card]
1x [card]Readying the Encore[/card]
2x [card]Sareeni[/card]
2x [card]Secluded Terrain[/card]
2x [card]The Kerno Headquarters[/card]
1x [card]Twice as Nice[/card]
1x [card]Winning Hand[/card]

Ace in the Hole - Female/Otherkind - [card]Pavalana, Technician[/card]
2x [card]Brundali Railway[/card]
2x [card]Cicely and Xie'ana[/card]
1x [card]Cirosouyat and Salacca[/card]
2x [card]Cirosouyat, Elegant[/card]
2x [card]Duchess Novita[/card]
5x [card]Forests[/card]
1x [card]Have Another Go[/card]
2x [card]Kosang and Mir'ana[/card]
2x [card]Mayah and Kumo'ana[/card]
1x [card]More, Please[/card]
1x [card]Onbey[/card]
5x [card]Outskirts[/card]
1x [card]Restore[/card]
1x [card]Salacca and Boli'ana[/card]
1x [card]Seized Opportunity[/card]
2x [card]Stay In Your Lane[/card]
2x [card]The Brundali Express[/card]
2x [card]Thrown Out[/card]
2x [card]Vanilla Playtime[/card]
1x [card]Viscountess Ruda[/card]
2x [card]Virgil and Osi'ana[/card]
Caramel has four 20-card minidecks.

Risqué Resolutions - Male - [card]Kathrin[/card]
2x [card]Butch and Flank[/card]
2x [card]Caramel[/card]
1x [card]Endowed Equine[/card]
2x [card]Knock the Walls[/card]
1x [card]Lance and Jesse[/card]
1x [card]Loaded Kiss[/card]
5x [card]Moorlands[/card]
1x [card]Niko[/card]
2x [card]Sebastian, Boy Toy[/card]
1x [card]Slick and Slide[/card]
2x [card]Thrust[/card]

Risqué Resolutions - Herm - [card]Marlii, the Host[/card]
2x [card]Buzzerfly[/card]
2x [card]Charlie the Janitor[/card]
5x [card]Heights[/card]
1x [card]Licentious Lecta[/card]
2x [card]Nicki Natch[/card]
1x [card]Party Caresser[/card]
2x [card]Sascha[/card]
2x [card]Sixty Nine[/card]
1x [card]Switching Rears[/card]
1x [card]Vanna White[/card]
1x [card]Wicked Paddle[/card]

Seductive Snowbunnies - Female - [card]Buck Mesa, Lodge Owner[/card]
2x [card]Amber[/card]
1x [card]Ashamai Unleashed[/card]
2x [card]Botched Plans[/card]
1x [card]Cotton Martine[/card]
2x [card]Daisy the Eavesdropper[/card]
5x [card]Forests[/card]
1x [card]Lily Tyla[/card]
2x [card]Powerhorse 2000[/card]
1x [card]Supply and Demand[/card]
2x [card]Tandy[/card]
1x [card]Warm Hearts[/card]

Seductive Snowbunnies - Otherkind - [card]Kitty the Raver[/card]
2x [card]Aria in Flight[/card]
1x [card]Clairvoyance[/card]
1x [card]Dewni[/card]
2x [card]Kidnapped[/card]
2x [card]Kris Brackenthorn[/card]
2x [card]Osfia[/card]
5x [card]Outskirts[/card]
1x [card]Shepherd's Staff[/card]
1x [card]Sign of the Solet[/card]
1x [card]Special Friend[/card]
2x [card]Tiring Tentacles[/card]
Fortune at Vell's End has four 40-card starter decks.

Strength in Fellowship - [card]Tahira, Novice[/card]
1x [card]Asti[/card]
2x [card]Chaste Submissive[/card]
2x [card]Cuddle Puddle[/card]
6x [card]Forests[/card]
2x [card]Ipkoo[/card]
1x [card]Jory[/card]
1x [card]Life of the Party[/card]
2x [card]Looking for Love[/card]
1x [card]Mahanda[/card]
1x [card]Merchant Ryal[/card]
2x [card]Mikka[/card]
5x [card]Moorlands[/card]
1x [card]Narani, Jinvon Queen[/card]
1x [card]Not Interested[/card]
1x [card]Panaway[/card]
2x [card]Particular Doe[/card]
1x [card]Patron Limetta[/card]
2x [card]Patron Niq[/card]
1x [card]Pleasure Hunter[/card]
1x [card]Riesz[/card]
2x [card]Sagewood Glen[/card]
1x [card]She Cums First[/card]
1x [card]Zinna[/card]
Special: Includes 2 Fellowship tracker cards.

Grand Conductors - [card]Makall, Student[/card]
1x [card]Adept Academy[/card]
1x [card]Balshik[/card]
2x [card]Boilerworks[/card]
2x [card]Conductive Thrust[/card]
2x [card]Delvi[/card]
2x [card]Enshrined Jinvon[/card]
2x [card]Eston, Bathhouse Attendant[/card]
1x [card]Gennaro the Skilled[/card]
1x [card]Guiding Jinvon[/card]
4x [card]Heights[/card]
1x [card]Inquisitor Thexa[/card]
5x [card]Moorlands[/card]
1x [card]Open Conduit[/card]
1x [card]Patron Odonto[/card]
2x [card]Pent-up Koobaba[/card]
1x [card]Sev[/card]
1x [card]Sev's Collar[/card]
2x [card]Squirrel the Eccentric[/card]
2x [card]Take Them Away[/card]
2x [card]Thirsty Zaara[/card]
1x [card]Vell's End[/card]
1x [card]Wand of Rapture[/card]
2x [card]Watcher Aluri[/card]
Special: Includes 1 Fellowship tracker card.

Adventure Time! - [card]Sylbana, Apprentice[/card]
2x [card]Adventure Time[/card]
1x [card]Barhoomi[/card]
2x [card]Bitch Collector[/card]
1x [card]Fake and Jinn[/card]
4x [card]Forests[/card]
6x [card]Heights[/card]
1x [card]Hibiscus[/card]
2x [card]It's Too Hard[/card]
1x [card]Kasim[/card]
1x [card]Madita[/card]
1x [card]Meditative Rest[/card]
2x [card]Mistress Ghemeki[/card]
1x [card]Nahshan[/card]
2x [card]Nightmare Orb[/card]
1x [card]Reckless Rookies[/card]
1x [card]Salabii the Shady[/card]
2x [card]Sikaah the Purifier[/card]
2x [card]Spinner's Gate[/card]
1x [card]Strider's Path[/card]
2x [card]Thieving Jinvon[/card]
1x [card]Vanai Valley[/card]
2x [card]Web Walker[/card]
1x [card]Yeira[/card]

Glutton's Paradise - [card]Kuushik, the Altered[/card]
1x [card]Argoffa, Spider Queen[/card]
2x [card]Big Gulp[/card]
1x [card]Booty Box[/card]
2x [card]Curious Jinvon[/card]
1x [card]Dinner and a Show[/card]
1x [card]Ensnaring Jinvon[/card]
2x [card]Fresh Meat[/card]
1x [card]Jeela the Hooded[/card]
4x [card]Heights[/card]
1x [card]Kuushik's Will[/card]
2x [card]Linzin's Domain[/card]
1x [card]Lofty Chimera[/card]
6x [card]Outskirts[/card]
2x [card]Premature Evacuation[/card]
1x [card]Primitive Potion[/card]
1x [card]Rizah's Station[/card]
2x [card]Slippery Slider[/card]
2x [card]Strip Bare[/card]
2x [card]Vitta[/card]
2x [card]Voracious Dragon[/card]
2x [card]Vrem[/card]
1x [card]Yawning Hollow[/card]
Special: Includes 3 Herm Fox tokens.
Di'Ahla's Awakening has four 20-card minidecks.

Bound - [card]Talgurin[/card]
2x [card]Arman'ka, Returned[/card]
1x [card]Challender Brynstin III[/card]
1x [card]Cock Sheath[/card]
2x [card]Daeven[/card]
1x [card]Dick Doubler[/card]
2x [card]Lord Melam[/card]
3x [card]Moorlands[/card]
1x [card]No Room[/card]
1x [card]Outskirts[/card]
1x [card]Retrieve Your Slave[/card]
1x [card]Ring Gag[/card]
2x [card]The Creaky Joint[/card]
2x [card]Wingboner[/card]

Determined - [card]Fel Onin[/card]
2x [card]End the Scene[/card]
1x [card]First Consort Pen Jiri[/card]
2x [card]Head Bitch Jan Sadi[/card]
4x [card]Heights[/card]
2x [card]Jan Sadi's Fervor[/card]
2x [card]Laced Bodysuit[/card]
2x [card]Lithrinn[/card]
2x [card]Lord Cassvar[/card]
1x [card]Love Triangle[/card]
2x [card]Sel Roa[/card]

Pain - [card]Rhalo, Notary Di/Avila[/card]
2x [card]Audi Russi[/card]
2x [card]Charm School[/card]
2x [card]Head Guard Val Dura[/card]
4x [card]Heights[/card]
1x [card]Lyscilla[/card]
2x [card]Lyscilla's Harem[/card]
2x [card]Somma's Bakery[/card]
2x [card]Tantric Training[/card]
1x [card]Unlatch[/card]
2x [card]Watch and Learn[/card]

Pleasure - [card]Madyne[/card]
1x [card]Bootlicker[/card]
4x [card]Forests[/card]
2x [card]Jak and Sari[/card]
2x [card]Jamlin Mehdeal[/card]
1x [card]Peace and Quiet[/card]
1x [card]Polite Refusal[/card]
1x [card]Sukouri d'Gaar[/card]
1x [card]Sukouri's Bonus[/card]
1x [card]Sukouri's Mask[/card]
1x [card]Sukouri's Response[/card]
1x [card]Suspension Bondage[/card]
2x [card]the Wilds[/card]
2x [card]Zyla, Repentant[/card]
Strawberry has eight 20-card minidecks.

Welcome Freshmen
[card]Boss Gator[/card]
[card]Campus Darkroom[/card]
[card]Chef Guy[/card]
[card]Desk Scouting[/card]
[card]Diplomatic Thrust[/card]
[card]Dr. Niels[/card]
[card]Dr. Zigfield[/card]
[card]Professor Bounder[/card]
[card]Professor Noel[/card]
[card]Purple Vibrator[/card]
[card]Pyrrhic Thrust[/card]
[card]Skeleton Key[/card]
[card]The Dean[/card]
[card]Moorlands[/card] x5

[card]Dirty Thirds[/card]
[card]Hot Leads[/card]
[card]Nimbus 650[/card]
[card]Pool of Tranquility[/card]
[card]Sour Samantha[/card]
[card]Sweet Sue[/card]
[card]Wiggly Sauna[/card]
[card]Forests[/card] x5

[card]After-hours Technician[/card]
[card]Basement Cleanup[/card]
[card]Cinematic Distraction[/card]
[card]Clumsy Librarian[/card]
[card]Cram Session[/card]
[card]Gently Caress[/card]
[card]Gloria Rasp[/card]
[card]Helpful Archivist[/card]
[card]Lecta, Library Aide[/card]
[card]Longshaft Library[/card]
[card]Marlii the Librarian[/card]
[card]Overdue Fines[/card]
[card]Reverse Cowgirl[/card]
[card]Study Buddy[/card]
[card]Heights[/card] x5

[card]Call Friends[/card]
[card]Cock and a Hard Place[/card]
[card]Conniving Cultist[/card]
[card]Corner Whore[/card]
[card]Dean's Assistant[/card]
[card]Fortune Telling[/card]
[card]Freshman Fifteen[/card]
[card]Kakok Aspirant[/card]
[card]Members Only[/card]
[card]Osfia, Kakok Herald[/card]
[card]Tarsica, Kakok Servant[/card]
[card]Outskirts[/card] x5

:sp: OWNERS :sp:
[card]Yuri Bloodfang[/card]
[card]Professor Diveka[/card]

Graduates and Gangbangs
[card]Batten the Hatches[/card]
[card]Boy Toy, Sophomore[/card]
[card]Butch Stonebridge[/card]
[card]Endowed Equine[/card]
[card]Flank Stonebridge[/card]
[card]Grizzwald the Hedonist[/card]
[card]Know your Role[/card]
[card]Men's Locker Room[/card]
[card]Replacement Raptor[/card]
[card]Take one from the Team[/card]
[card]Team Captain[/card]
[card]Moorlands[/card] x5

[card]Amber Dream[/card]
[card]Daisy Lee[/card]
[card]Harem Charmer[/card]
[card]Jarla Rue[/card]
[card]O'Hardley's Triangle[/card]
[card]Pilfered Pages[/card]
[card]Post-grad Lily[/card]
[card]Spiteful Wench[/card]
[card]Tandy the Tender[/card]
[card]Forests[/card] x5

[card]Dangerous Bush[/card]
[card]Early to Rise[/card]
[card]Forthcumming Harlot[/card]
[card]Frisky Flasher[/card]
[card]Full French Ferret[/card]
[card]Gilding the LIly[/card]
[card]Nurse Snatchit[/card]
[card]Open Wide[/card]
[card]Party Foul[/card]
[card]Room with a View[/card]
[card]Shambling Guest[/card]
[card]Wicked Wolf[/card]
[card]Heights[/card] x5

[card]Kris, Editor-in-chief[/card]
[card]Marr Mandragora[/card]
[card]Mischievous Merfolk[/card]
[card]Missed Curfew[/card]
[card]Penis Fly Trap[/card]
[card]Pheromone Swap[/card]
[card]Pool of Arousal[/card]
[card]Outskirts[/card] (x5)

:sp: OWNERS :sp:
[card]Professor Tsumi[/card]
[card]Professor Canes[/card]
Sold Out Decks
Tribes of Tanglebrook has three 40-card starter decks.

Otters of Tanglebrook - [card]Taneka, Lutani Elder[/card]

2x [card]Breathing Room[/card]
1x [card]Cai[/card]
2x [card]Camp Overseer[/card]
5x [card]Forests[/card]
2x [card]Huntress Itani[/card]
2x [card]Join the Team[/card]
1x [card]Kanette[/card]
1x [card]Kinship Studio[/card]
2x [card]Knotgripper[/card]
2x [card]Koali[/card]
2x [card]Lazy Nel[/card]
2x [card]Lutani Cocksluts[/card]
1x [card]Lutani Volleyball Team[/card]
2x [card]Luxurious Ride[/card]
5x [card]Moorlands[/card]
1x [card]Otter Spring[/card]
1x [card]River Guide Jama[/card]
2x [card]Suspicious Otters[/card]
2x [card]Timber Marsh[/card]
2x [card]Untouchable[/card]

Wolves of Tanglebrook: - [card]Somn, the High Shaman[/card]

2x [card]Alphus Shaman[/card]
2x [card]Alphus Trainee[/card]
1x [card]Arn[/card]
2x [card]Call of the Wolves[/card]
2x [card]Chant Leader[/card]
1x [card]Council of the Pawsrec[/card]
2x [card]Dicksmasher[/card]
1x [card]Facial Batallion[/card]
2x [card]Frisky Pair[/card]
1x [card]Gays of Justice[/card]
1x [card]Huntmaster[/card]
2x [card]Latecomer[/card]
5x [card]Moorlands[/card]
5x [card]Outskirts[/card]
2x [card]Pini[/card]
2x [card]Planter Grove[/card]
1x [card]Repulsed Wolves[/card]
2x [card]Rowdy Scouts[/card]
2x [card]Stranger on Site[/card]
1x [card]The Bare Outback[/card]
1x [card]Wolf Camp[/card]
Special: Includes 1 Male Wolf token and 3 Otherkind Wolf tokens.

Dragons of Tanglebrook: - [card]Inogh, the Fabled One[/card]

1x [card]Azira Firestoker[/card]
1x [card]Bog the Insatiable[/card]
1x [card]Bottomswell[/card]
1x [card]Clutchmother[/card]
1x [card]Compulsion of the Saibel[/card]
1x [card]Drachin Endowment[/card]
1x [card]Dragon Drainer[/card]
2x [card]Dragon's Roost[/card]
1x [card]Envoy Muto[/card]
3x [card]Forests[/card]
2x [card]Galeburst[/card]
4x [card]Heights[/card]
1x [card]Isca's Summons[/card]
2x [card]Loose Cannon[/card]
2x [card]Matchmaker[/card]
2x [card]Orgasmic Repose[/card]
4x [card]Outskirts[/card]
2x [card]Scorchcrag[/card]
1x [card]Shapeshifter Hollow[/card]
1x [card]Slipsteam[/card]
1x [card]Speaker Dragonhorn[/card]
1x [card]Tew Bluff[/card]
2x [card]Tunnelbider[/card]
2x [card]Two's a Crowd[/card]
None! 2nd Vanilla had no decks! (It was all booster packs.)
Triskelion has two 40-card starter decks.

Masochists of Di'Ahla - [card]Talgurin[/card]
1x [card]Arman'ka[/card]
2x [card]Blindfold[/card]
1x [card]Block Slave #8[/card]
1x [card]Bootlicker[/card]
2x [card]Bound for Labor[/card]
2x [card]Change the Sheets[/card]
2x [card]Chastity Belt[/card]
4x [card]Forests[/card]
2x [card]Full-Body Harness[/card]
2x [card]Glisten's Trick[/card]
1x [card]Guild Avila[/card]
1x [card]Isgora, Inkeeper[/card]
1x [card]Jamlin d'Gaar[/card]
1x [card]Kashtine d'Goan[/card]
1x [card]Mid'sa[/card]
4x [card]Outskirts[/card]
1x [card]Rock-Bone[/card]
2x [card]Sari[/card]
2x [card]Spiteful Wench[/card]
1x [card]Sukouri d'Gaar[/card]
2x [card]Sukouri's Bonus[/card]
1x [card]The Wilds[/card]
1x [card]Wela'sa[/card]
2x [card]Zyla[/card]

Sadists of Lithrinn - [card]Fel Onin[/card]
2x [card]Caught Red-Handed[/card]
1x [card]Choke Chain[/card]
2x [card]Choke on it[/card]
1x [card]Dissension[/card]
1x [card]Dram[/card]
2x [card]Flint d'Goan[/card]
1x [card]Gen Ketan[/card]
4x [card]Heights[/card]
2x [card]Iceplay[/card]
2x [card]Jan Sadi[/card]
2x [card]Jan Sadi's Diversion[/card]
1x [card]Leavan d'Gaar[/card]
1x [card]Lir Ruka[/card]
1x [card]Lithrinn[/card]
2x [card]Lord Cassvar Goan[/card]
2x [card]Lord Melam Gaar[/card]
4x [card]Moorlands[/card]
1x [card]Public Humiliation[/card]
1x [card]Osto[/card]
1x [card]Slums Drunk[/card]
2x [card]Soll Vosin[/card]
2x [card]Strip and Spank[/card]
1x [card]Tir Konai[/card]
1x [card]Triskelion Dungeon[/card]
1st Vanilla has four 40-card starter decks.

1x [card]Bound Servant[/card]
2x [card]Carriage Horse[/card]
2x [card]Coy Boy[/card]
2x [card]Decider[/card]
2x [card]Endowed Equine[/card]
2x [card]Foreplay[/card]
2x [card]Know your Role[/card]
1x [card]Leash and Collar[/card]
2x [card]Leonardo[/card]
1x [card]Moneymoon[/card]
1x [card]Red Vibrator[/card]
2x [card]Replacement Raptor[/card]
1x [card]The Gay[/card]
1x [card]The Hetero[/card]
2x [card]Thrust[/card]
2x [card]Tobias[/card]
2x [card]Twice the Fun[/card]
2x [card]Viagrate[/card]
7x [card]Moorlands[/card]
1x [card]Outer Moorlands[/card]
1x [card]Field[/card]
1x [card]Ruins[/card]

1x [card]Caught with Pants Down[/card]
2x [card]Claw-Paw[/card]
2x [card]Duocorn[/card]
2x [card]Ezria[/card]
1x [card]Good Vibrations[/card]
2x [card]Hard Worker[/card]
1x [card]Harem Charmer[/card]
2x [card]Idara[/card]
1x [card]Leashed Servant[/card]
2x [card]Not Today[/card]
2x [card]Pilfered Pages[/card]
2x [card]Pool of Tranquility[/card]
1x [card]Proper Greetings[/card]
2x [card]Rest and Relaxation[/card]
2x [card]Sweet Lioness[/card]
2x [card]Timidity[/card]
1x [card]Titties![/card]
2x [card]Troubled Tiger[/card]
7x [card]Forest[/card]
1x [card]Inner Forests[/card]
1x [card]Field[/card]
1x [card]Spring[/card]

2x [card]Bareback Babe[/card]
2x [card]Beautiful Bulger[/card]
2x [card]Cara Black[/card]
2x [card]Cold Shower[/card]
1x [card]Eat It[/card]
2x [card]Floppin[/card]
2x [card]Gently Caress[/card]
1x [card]Giant Cock[/card]
2x [card]Gift of Knowledge[/card]
1x [card]Inviting Chakat[/card]
1x [card]Minnie Shoof[/card]
2x [card]Open Wide[/card]
1x [card]Raise a Tail[/card]
2x [card]Sensory Consumption[/card]
2x [card]Sixty-Nine[/card]
1x [card]Two-Trait Ivory[/card]
2x [card]Wild Wolf[/card]
2x [card]Windshear[/card]
7x [card]Heights[/card]
1x [card]Upper Heights[/card]
1x [card]Mesa[/card]
1x [card]Plains[/card]

2x [card]Abducted[/card]
2x [card]Call Friends[/card]
2x [card]Dare'al Shi[/card]
1x [card]Evil Anon[/card]
2x [card]Fortune Telling[/card]
2x [card]Jennifer[/card]
2x [card]Laziness[/card]
2x [card]Mischievous Merfolk[/card]
1x [card]Needy Beast[/card]
1x [card]Orgy Time[/card]
2x [card]Pool of Arousal[/card]
2x [card]Rodevos[/card]
2x [card]Spitting Kitty[/card]
1x [card]Spy[/card]
1x [card]Strip Bare[/card]
2x [card]Terry[/card]
2x [card]Unwanted[/card]
1x [card]Valentina[/card]
7x [card]Outskirts[/card]
1x [card]Lower Outskirts[/card]
2x [card]Plains[/card]
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Re: Starter deck lists?

Post by Daralyn » Tue Jun 26, 2012 11:04 am

so... to make it clear for me as a beginner...

Every starter deck is simmilar, or even there can be random (blue - starter only) cards?
and one stupid question - in custom deck, can I use "Starter only" cards, or it just means they can't be found in boosters?
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Re: Starter deck lists?

Post by captainbozo » Tue Jun 26, 2012 12:03 pm

Every starter deck is exactly the same, having exactly the same cards.

And yes, you can use Starter-only cards in a deck. It just means that you can only get those cards in starters :3

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Re: Starter deck lists?

Post by Marchandique » Wed Jul 30, 2014 3:53 pm

If it's not too much asked, could we get lists for the new starter decks?

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Re: Starter deck lists?

Post by Seppel » Sun Aug 03, 2014 3:49 pm

I've added them and done a little pruning to this thread to keep all the information relevant! :D
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Re: Starter deck lists?

Post by rainydaydance » Sun Feb 01, 2015 2:33 am

Will you be adding Carmel to the list soon?

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Re: Starter deck lists?

Post by Seppel » Mon Feb 02, 2015 6:48 pm

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Re: Starter deck lists?

Post by Astrid Varelse » Thu Jun 25, 2015 8:03 pm

Found a few errors:

• In the deck Masochists of Di'ahla from Triskelion, [card]The Wilds[/card] is listed as "Wilds"
• In the deck Dragons of Tanglebrook from Tribes of Tanglebrook, [card]Slipsteam[/card] is listed as "Slipstream"
• In the Graduates and Gangbangs Herm Minideck from Strawberry 3rd Vanilla, Home Havens (Heights x5) are not listed

In addition I added all of these decks to my New Desk List. I give Tail Kiss Studio full permission to copy, edit and distribute my "(Shared)" deck and card lists if they desire.
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Re: Starter deck lists?

Post by Astrid Varelse » Sun Jul 05, 2015 12:19 pm

I was JUST about to make a post about including the deck-lists with starter decks, but right before I was going to post it I was looking at my deck box and found something really peculiar...

On the bottom of the deck box, there's a deck list! -- Never knew it was there :)
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Re: Starter deck lists?

Post by Astrid Varelse » Sun Jul 19, 2015 3:03 pm

So when do we all get to see Brundali Rail Heist deck lists? :)
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Re: Starter deck lists?

Post by Seppel » Mon Jul 20, 2015 6:50 pm

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Re: Starter deck lists?

Post by Astrid Varelse » Mon Jul 20, 2015 11:47 pm

For Brundali Rail Heist I do believe the owner for The Full Monte should be - Berhati, Undressed, instead of Berhati, Fashionista.

Also, for Going All In!, 'H' before 'I' (Initial Recon, Hadi, Harum are in the wrong order)
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Re: Starter deck lists?

Post by Seppel » Wed Jul 22, 2015 6:43 pm

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Re: Starter deck lists?

Post by Kerubia » Fri Jul 31, 2015 2:34 am

Regarding the "Dragons of Tanglebrook" starterdeck, it seems my deck has 4x Forests and 3x Heights instead of 3x Forests and 4x Heights as noted on the box (and here in the forums).
I checked with a friend who bought the same deck on AnthroCon, and he has the same mismatch in his deck - so it's probably an error with all decks? Now the question remains - is this a print error on the box, or an error in what cards were put inside?

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Re: Starter deck lists?

Post by Astrid Varelse » Sun Feb 28, 2016 6:21 pm

So this might be a bit of a pain in the butt to get the info on...

But recently I had a user who purchased a used deck, and was trying to ensure that the deck was 100% complete... The only issue is that tokens aren't in this list! -- It would be helpful for some users if the number of each token which comes with a deck is listed. Another card potentially worth listing here is the number of Fellowship cards in the Strength in Fellowship deck.
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Re: Starter deck lists?

Post by XxHenkoxX » Sun Jul 17, 2016 5:42 am

Anyone know the lists for the climax decks with quantities?

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Re: Starter deck lists?

Post by Taz » Sun Jul 17, 2016 6:59 am

Generally speaking, you can reverse-engineer the lists from the Climax spoiler, as each box has two of each uncommon and one of each rare.

However, this is for each box, not necessarily each deck, though the sole difference between the two is that the Rat and Wolf decks have one copy of Kinship Studio each. Plus you'd probably want to know how many of each Home Haven there is, so, for simplicity's sake, I'll just post the lists here (after making you read all this ;) ):
2x Clumsy Librarian
1x Daniel, Prospect
2x Flank and Jesse
1x Great Time, Gotta Go
2x Grizzwald, VIP
1x Head Rush
4x Heights
2x Inquiring Mind
1x Lecta and Emmerson
2x Lingerie Lizard
1x Marlii, Suspicious
2x Marlii's Office
2x Messy Thrust
4x Moorlands
2x Nicki, Exuberant
2x Red Vibrator
2x Sebastian, Graduate
1x Sticky Mess
2x Sudden Shower
2x Tidy Up
2x VIP Room
1x Aria and Strawberry
2x Center Stage
1x College Days
2x Come Again
2x Costumed Crasher
1x Crystal Vixens
2x Diveka's Flat
4x Forests
2x Full Inbox
2x Kris, Keynote Speaker
2x Lily, Club Manager
2x Lost ID
2x Marin
1x Osfia and Diveka
4x Outskirts
1x Rework
2x Snack Plate
2x Sour Samantha
1x Tonguebound Trio
2x Troubled Tiger
2x Three's Company
2x Akwene and Tadzi
1x Alphus Council
2x Alphus Leader Trum
2x Alphus Ambush
2x Call of the Wolves
2x Chanter Hakka
1x Chark, Vision Ward
1x Crimsonred
2x Dicksmasher
1x Drum Circle
2x Facial Battalion
2x Expanded Borders
2x Gang Thrust
1x Gays of Justice
2x Gurt, Hunter Elite
2x Huntmaster
1x Kinship Studio
4x Moorlands
4x Outskirts
2x Pack Conclave
2x Tilled Field

(Includes 3 Male Wolf and 9 Otherkind Wolf token cards.)
1x Ambassador Hakir
2x Bilge Rat
1x Cobbler Roundbottom
1x Dissension
4x Forests
4x Heights
1x Kinship Studio
2x Lei Aire
2x Murodian Advance
1x Murodian Charity
2x Murodian Settlement
2x Paying Respects
2x Rat Hideaway
2x Slickslit
2x Snatchstuffer
2x Tailraiser
1x The Rat Queens
2x Unfamiliar Territory
2x Victory Squat
2x Vriga
2x Wrong Place, Right Time
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Re: Starter deck lists?

Post by Astrid Varelse » Fri Jul 22, 2016 12:16 pm

Thanks for the lists but just to be sure I waited until I got my cards and updated my deck builder sheet accordingly :)
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