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Mystery of Climax 2 Bonus card #16

Posted: Mon Dec 25, 2017 7:47 pm
by Astrid Varelse
A mystery has appeared!

Apparently there is a 16th Bonus Promo card for Climax 2, and according to Sammie on Discord:

Click image to enlarge

The screenshot was taken on December 25th 2017.
Sammie wrote:As of now, nobody has obtained Replacement Raptor.
So that gives us a few clues:
  1. Nobody has obtained one, so no one owns a physical copy. They weren't shipped
  2. You need to obtain it
  3. It's not digital only, otherwise, the recent post revealing it would have effectively given it to everyone
  4. I don't need to break stuff to 'find it'
I've done some of my own research and so far I've determined the following:
  1. It is not printed on the back on another card (This adheres to clue 1)
  2. None of the QR codes on cards are hiding anything
  3. Nothing is hidden in our digital receipts
  4. There is no hidden codes on the deckboxes (Even in between seems, I've FULLY opened two of my boxes flat to check [one of each])
  5. The Game Crafter (Seemingly the printer of Climax 2 given their logo is inside the deckboxes) does not reference "Furoticon", "Climax" (pertaining to Furoticon), or "Card 16"
  6. I haven't found anything on regarding Number 16
  7. I didn't find anything on CARD 16 (Effluerage)
  8. I didn't find anything on AcidaPluvias' furaffinity (The artist of CARD 16 above.)
If you have any thoughts mention them below!

Re: Mystery of Climax 2 Bonus card #16

Posted: Mon Dec 25, 2017 7:54 pm
by Astrid Varelse
I just checked Card number 16, Leash and Collar.

I don't see anything in any of the HTML or on Yaoi Fairy's FA.

Re: Mystery of Climax 2 Bonus card #16

Posted: Mon Dec 25, 2017 8:14 pm
by Astrid Varelse
I checked the name of all card #16s in Furoticon History:
:common:: Leash and Collar
:tcommon:: Lord Melam Gaar
:2ndcommon:: Patriarch
:tancommon:: Luxurious Ride
:3rdcommon:: Nikomaru
:daac:: Ring Gag
:favc:: Noai
:cwbc:: Professor Powell
:bruc:: Mission Debrief
:clic:: Crystal Vixens
Owner: Kyree
Token: None, there are only 10 tokens ever printed

The reason I checked this, is to ensure that none of these cards have been reprinted in Climax 2 -- None of them are.

Although I'm going to give Crystal Vixens a look. (edit: I don't see anything there)

Re: Mystery of Climax 2 Bonus card #16

Posted: Tue Dec 26, 2017 10:57 pm
by Nezumi12
I checked the FA pages of both artists listed on the promo, but couldn't find any info regarding Furoticon in general, let alone this promo specifically so i think that angle is a dead end.
they might have artist profiles elsewhere (like tumblr or deviantart) but as the promo and it's printing and distribution isn't up to the artist(s), i'm rather doubtful that an artist's page would have that info.
of course, now that i think about it, i wonder why i bothered to check :wtf:

i guess the moral of the story is "let me be an idiot so you don't have to" lol