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Furoticon Fact Sheet

Post by Astrid Varelse » Tue May 02, 2017 11:25 am

So I randomly had the idea today to try and create a comprehensive fact sheet regarding various aspect of Furoticon... My initial goal is to make purchasing cards a little more comprehensive.
  • Furoticon contains 1077 unique cards
    • 182 of which appear in more than one set either as a reprint, or a promo
    • An additional 19 printed multiple times in the same set either as promo, or havens with multiple arts
    • Due to Home Havens having been printed with several arts, it gives us a total of 1384 cards!
  • 6 cards are not found in the sortable spoiler, they are:
  • Several cards from both Di'Ahla's Awakening and Fortune at Vell's End are printed as both a regular rarity for booster packs, and again as starter-only containing reminder text inside the preconstructed decks
  • All sets
    • Cards are printed in a 6:2:1:1 ratio so boosters contain 1 rare, 2 uncommon cards 6 common cards and 1 home haven. -- Strawberry is an exception to this rule
    • The above ratio is only for booster packs, cards found in decks are printed separately, meaning a rare in a deck is more common than a booster-only rare.
    • If a card is listed as Starter-Only in the Sortable Spoiler, it is indeed only available in starter decks for that set, however, some cards such as Asti will have a note saying "This card has a starter-only version that contains reminder text". This means that if you get a starter deck containing this card, it will have the Starter-Only rarity on that copy alongside reminder text
  • Climax 2
    • Sold out
    • Sold only as pre-constructed decks
    • Pre-order only
  • Climax
    • Sold only as pre-constructed decks
    • 1 of each rare, and 2 of each uncommon with each purchase of both decks
    • Set contains no common cards
    • Orders often shipped with promo cards
  • Brundali Rail Heist
    • Sold out
  • Caramel 4th Vanilla
    • Boosters can contain Promo cards
  • Fortune at Vell's End
    • Several cards are printed as a regular rarity in addition to starter-only containing reminder text for the preconstructed decks
  • Di'Ahla's Awakening
    • Sold out
    • [card]Aldrenn[/card], [card]Slave-trading Cell[/card], [card]Jan Sadi's Diversion[/card], and [card]Burning Salve[/card] are 4 times as rare as other rare cards from that set.
    • Several cards are printed as a regular rarity in addition to starter-only containing reminder text for the preconstructed decks
  • Strawberry 3rd Vanilla
    • Sold out
    • Boosters contain 15 cards in a 8:4:2:1 ratio
    • Multi-gender cards are only found in booster packs
    • Starter decks contain only one of each starter-only card, if you want a playset you'll have to buy 3 copies of each deck box!
    • Osfia cannot be found in boosters [See Stories]
  • Tribes of Tanglebrook
    • Sold out
    • Booster packs can contain promos
  • 2nd Vanilla
    • Sold out
    • Booster packs can contain promos
  • Triskelion
    • Sold out
  • 1st Vanilla
    • Sold out
  • Due to a printing issue when printing Strawberry 3rd Vanilla boosters, Osfia had to be removed manually from booster packs and the boosters had to be fixed to contain the correct number of cards
  • Lady Pardia Gaar wasn't printed by accident, and in addition the boosters weren't randomised by the printer either! So the printer reprinted Lady Pardia, but the entire set had to be hand randomised -- During the rush to have this ready for Anthrocon 2010, she was accidentally more rare than intended at Anthrocon 2010
If you know any facts in Furoticon let me know and I'll make this list more interesting as I learn more.
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