No more Brundali Boosters

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Astrid Varelse
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No more Brundali Boosters

Post by Astrid Varelse » Tue Jan 31, 2017 10:15 pm

Whoa. That kinda blows my mind...

I'm actually confused... The only boosters available as of writing this are:
  • Caramel 4th Vanilla
    Fortune at Vell's End
    Di'Ahla's Awakening
I can understand that both Caramel 4th Vanilla and Di'Ahla's Awakening have boosters available because they're small sets only coming in at around 80 unique cards each. -- Thus it takes fewer boosters to complete a collection.

But Fortune at Vell's End is sort of an odd duck in this conversation, I can only speculate that for some reason or another, either overstocked or under appreciated, it didn't sell as well as Tail Kiss Expected.

Either way, it's crazy to think that the most recent (and likely the last) set to contain booster packs has completely sold out! -- Heck, I never even noticed that The Full Monte and Going All In had already sold out as well! -- Was Brundali Rail Heist understocked perhaps?

PS: Speaking of which... I still need to complete my Fortune at Vell's End collection, it's getting fairly close
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Re: No more Brundali Boosters

Post by Seppel » Wed Feb 01, 2017 8:21 am

Brundali sales were incredibly popular. Between preorders and Anthrocon, we sold about 40% of our initial stock right away!

Since Tribes of Tanglebrook (2012) we've had the same print numbers for boosters across sets and starters across sets, so Brundali is super special.

Oh, and there's only 14 copies of "Ace in the Hole" left!
:tanrare: Seppel

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