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Professor Bounder

Gender: Male
AP Cost: 10
GP Cost:
Type: Furre - Kangaroo

Stamina (SP):15
Male PE:3
Female PE:3
Herm PE:3
Otherkind PE:3

  If Professor Bounder's owner doesn't control him, or you have no teammates, he gets +3 to all PEs.
   When control of Professor Bounder changes, he gets +5 .
   , : Give control of Professor Bounder to target player.

Flavor Text:

Artist: Linno
Edition: 3rd Vanilla: Strawberry
Rarity: Rare
Collector's Number: 17 / 146

  Like any Furre, Professor Bounder leaves the scene if his owner is out of the game. If his controller leaves the game, he returns to his owner's control.