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Salabii the Veiled

Gender: Female
AP Cost: 1
GP Cost:
Type: Furre - Dryad

Stamina (SP):5
Male PE:1
Female PE:1
Herm PE:1
Otherkind PE:2

  Lv0: 5 // 1/1/1/2, Lv2: 5 // 2/2/2/3, Lv3: 10 // 2/2/2/2. Adventurer. At level 3, when Salabii orgasms, look at the top card of target player's black book. You may play it without paying its AP and GP costs.

Flavor Text:

Artist: Suni
Edition: Climax 2
Rarity: Rare
Collector's Number: 25 / 80

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