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Pavalana, Geared Up

Gender: Herm
AP Cost: 0
Available Genders:
Type: Owner

  +0 // 6 // 5 // +0
   9 // 5 // 1 // 1
   You may pay 1 (using your ) to put out with a Furre instead of paying the normal costs.

Flavor Text:

Artist: ChubbyBubble
Edition: Owner Cards
Rarity: Rare
Collector's Number: 45 / *

  Pavalana gives you access to an alternate method of payment for Furres to put out. If a Furre costs 0 AP, you're still allowed to pay 1 stamina to put out. This also means that if a Furre with Lure is swinging at you, and you have 0 AP, you'll have to pay Stamina to put out.

You can't pay stamina if it would take you down to 0 stamina.