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(Jun 9th, 2015)
Plumeria Brings the AP Boost! New Brundali Card Preview!
      by Mage Torment

Some of our more eagle-eyed players may have noticed something hidden in the image of our our pre-order bonuses. Did you catch it?

Yup, all the way hiding in the back of the Golden Tier bonuses is Plumeria, all on her own. Now we've already seen what she can do when teamed up with Oromet, and if Cirosouyat and Salacca are any indication all the lovers are getting solo cards, but what does Plumeria do?

All you can see from that teasing squirrel is she's 10 AP and 3 GP. She doesn't come cheap, so she's got to do something amazing, right? Well, let's see her already!




Well, it's not all bad. Like most things involving the feisty lovers, there's more going on here than at first glance. Sure, the obvious use is a simple defensive surprise, instantly refreshing your harem and giving you the AP to put out with them, just when they thought it was safe to swing.

But there's so much more you can do with the ability to refresh your entire harem. Just by pairing this with herms you have some powerful options. Skip your refresh step, and suddenly you have bonus AP to fuel Junior Technician Oromet, or pair it with Charming Siege for a full extra bed step.

But that still doesn't tell us what Plumeria does. I mean sure, she generates AP, but all feisty furres do that.

I mean, just how feisty can one furre be?



Pretty damn feisty.

Plumeria is the biggest AP battery we've printed to date, going above and beyond even Zyla, Repentant and Dryad Grove in terms of potential.

Think of what you can do with all that AP: draw all the cards, swing with reckless abandon, laugh at the now-trivial cost of Meddlers -- even Intimidating Furres won't slow you down!

And, like all good lovers, Plumeria knows how to give just the right kind of helping hand to Oromet. But surely there has to be something big coming to need all that AP, right?

Stay tuned for the blast from the past that justifies all that AP.

Brundali Rail Heist preorders are now live!

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dranson13 on Jun 15th, 2015 @ 09:33 AM
interesting this will make ramp much better

ArashiOkami on Jun 12th, 2015 @ 04:58 PM
Gonna have to preorder this. Still, the pic game is gonna rock!

otaka on Jun 12th, 2015 @ 08:45 AM
i like these alot they will be help full

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