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(Nov 8th, 2010)
2nd Vanilla playtesting applications are open!
      by Seppel

Applications for playtesting "2nd Vanilla" are open!

Playtesting will begin November 15, 2010 and last until December 14, 2010!

"2nd Vanilla," the third set of Furoticon, is nearing completion! However, we need a lot of help to make sure we didn't overlook anything!

Is there a card that's way too powerful?

Is there some broken combo that ruins the game?

Is there a card that costs too much for too little in return?

Now's your chance to make a difference and play before the set comes out! We have our own IRC channel set up to play games on, and anyone who can play reliably is welcome!


* Be able to play at least 1 game per week from November 15 to December 14, and write a report on each game played. That's almost 5 weeks, so 5 games minimum. If you don't play, you'll be evicted from the playtesting group.
* Typing skills and a grasp of the English language.
* The ability to both give and take constructive criticism in a professional manner.
* The ability to keep information private. Do not share any information about Furoticon with anyone outside of the IRC channel. That means you can't even share just one card with a friend or loved one outside the IRC channel.
* A valid email address.
* Knowledge of card games NOT a requirement.

I will accept at least 25 applications.

To apply, click here!

Applications will accepted until 11:59 PM EST on November 14, 2010.

If selected, you'll receive an email back from me with all the necessary information on November 15. Tell all your friends to come play!

And here's a little information for everyone:
* "2nd Vanilla" is a new 132-card expansion set for the Furoticon trading card game.
* The theme of the set is vanilla sex.
* The Design staff is Seppel, Basque, Marik, and Tegome.
* The set may contain glimpses of Furoticon's past and future. :)

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