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(May 27th, 2015)
Oromet & Plumeria - a Pair of Fiesty Lovers! A New Brundali Card Preview!
      by Mage Torment

Normally I'd put a little intro here to build up the card I'm about to show off, but it's been hard enough holding this feisty fox back for as long as I have. So I'm just going to let hir loose and hir speak for hirself.



Say hello to Oromet - is that a wrench in hir pocket or is shi just pleased to see you? Haha, you can't see ‘cause of the squirrel...

Anyway, this Junior Technician is the Feisty heavy hitter who really knows how to handle hir furres. With 6 across the board there's no one shi doesn't love, but as you can probably guess shi's more of a pitcher than a catcher. When swinging shi can boost hir PEs up to 11! Damn, girl likes to have fun.

All it'll cost you is a measly 5 AP. That may sound like a lot, considering Oromet isn't Dominant, so shi still costs 1 AP to swing, but if you surround hir with the lively Feisty furres shi loves, then suddenly that 5 AP doesn't seem like all that much.

But Oromet isn't a loner, I say, as if you don't recognize that squirrel shi has bent over hir table. Where Oromet goes, Plumeria isn't far behind - or in front, or on get the idea. Those of you who've been following these spoilers can probably guess what's coming next...



You guessed it, Oromet and Plumeria have a couple-card too!

Now you may be thinking this card looks really hot, and also not very playable. I mean, sure they're Feisty, but so is Oromet on hir own. And when they're together Oromet gets so distracted by Plumeria's fluffy tail her PEs for everyone else drops by 2! Man this looks terrible. And also really empty.

Hey... what's that behind the block? Is that their special skill?



That...That's worth losing 2 PEs over. These two cannot keep their hands to themselves! I mean, every turn it's a grope here, a pinch there, suddenly someone's fingers vanish from sight and you've got furre squealing in delight all over the floor. There's a lot you can do with that.

The obvious choice is to swing like crazy with them. Their skill effectively lets them refresh for free, and every turn you're pinching two for 3 pleasure and giving one of your furres +6. But the downside of swinging means your opponent can put out, which means Oromet and Plumeria might find themselves on the wrong [er, right?] end of a gangbang. There are more clever ways to exhaust your own furres.



Oh the fun that can be had with some good old alterations. But that's only the tricks from the past. Who knows what the future may hold? Stay tuned for more spoilers of Brundali Rail Heist!

Next time, the Meeting is starting!

Brundali Rail Heist preorders begin June 1st!

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Lemonbread on May 28th, 2015 @ 09:35 PM
Sweet, another squirrel to add to the collection.

Eerie on May 28th, 2015 @ 04:48 PM
Seem to be pushing the herms pretty hard this time around.

cuddles on May 28th, 2015 @ 04:31 PM
Wow, can't wait to place an order.

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