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(May 25th, 2015)
Bokeh & Tsou Meddle In All Our Affairs! New Brundali Card Preview!
      by Mage Torment

We've seen what Renegades like Asyari and Wahid are capable of, and the elegant skill of Multi-Orgasmic furres like Cirosouyat and Salacca. We got a taste of Feisty furres with Ample Affair, and even the Shy Fresh Cadet poked his head in for us to see.

What we haven't seen yet are much of those Meddling robbers. Until now!



Meddlers are some pretty troublesome furres to see on the table. Their skill costs about as much to swing or put out, but can seriously tie up the other harem. That's not changing the cost to :2:, that's adding to it.

So a furre can be Meddled multiple times for an ever increasing cost. This can make putting out quite the pain, but it also means you can't swing with a Meddler that's Meddling. Which means you won't have too many furres to swing with. Gee, I wonder what furres don't like to swing in groups...



But while Meddlers can run interference for your other furres, they can't guarantee that a particular furre can't enter bed. They also can't keep furres from using skills, or simply powering up other furres by being there, like Team Captain or Nightmare of the Jinvon. I mean, imagine if there was a furre that could do something that bonkers? Wouldn't that be crazy? Just think of the power that would have if we were ever mad enough to print something like that?

...You've already scrolled down to see the spoiled thing, haven't you?



Behold, by the power of being adorable together, Tsou and Bokeh can send your opponent's furres flying. And by "being adorable together" I mean "their airship." At the cost of one of your Meddlers as a guide, these two can give any special tour all the way back to their owner's hand.

Now this doesn't mean they're gone for good, but it can cause problems. If there's only one furre putting out against your Meddlers, and you send it packing before pleasure is dealt, well, that furre's owner is going to take it all right to the face.

But there's more to these two than just sneaking your harem in to tickle your opponent. Furres that build up over time, like Fellowship or Adventurers, are going to hate seeing these two come swooping down. And furres that load up like Bound and Determined, or that get fat on meals like Gluttons, will lose all their goodies once sent packing.

And they're not done yet. Meddlers aren't limited to your opponent's furres as targets. You can Meddle your own furres. Normally that'd be a dumb idea, but with Tsou and Bokeh you can trade one of your Meddlers to send someone on the brink to your hand to calm down, instead of them going to the couch. Or if you're feeling really tricky you can use it to refill a Conductor or get an extra trigger from a When ___ Enters the Scene skill.

Want to see more of these damn Meddling furres and the other new goodies from Brundali Rail Heist? Check out the speculation and discussion thread. Talk about the new characters or show off combos with the new cards!

Next time, the Fashionistas get (un)dressed!

Brundali Rail Heist preorders begin June 1st!

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Nezumi12 on May 26th, 2015 @ 12:12 PM
Oh. Dear. Gods.
I just realised, I can use meddlers to build a deck similar to my Infinite Druid deck from WoW. (basically, a recycle deck - play to discard, discard to deck, deck to hand, hand to play. rinse. repeat.)
now all i need is a furre card with "your deck can contain any number of copies of X" and something that either lets me put into play from my hand a furre with the same name as one that just orgasmed, or add to my hand from my deck a furre with the same name as one that just left the scene/went to the couch.

LadySikerra on May 26th, 2015 @ 11:13 AM
Okay, this is probably my favorite card preview simply because of such phrases as "by the power of being adorable together" and "take it all right to the face". Tsou and Bokeh make a pretty cool card, too.

otaka on May 26th, 2015 @ 06:50 AM
cant wait to try it out

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