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(May 12th, 2015)
Brundali Rail Heist - Visual Spoiler and Story Arc!
      by Seppel

Have you missed parts of the story or new card previews? Want to just see a visual guide to all the hot new cards? This guide has it all! Browse the cards in the visual spoiler or scroll down to visit all the story updates and card previews!

Visit the Visual Spoiler!

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Chapter 1: Come join us on a Heist!
Chapter 2: Who are the Kerno? Meet Tsou and Bokeh - Lovers with great ambitions!
Chapter 3: Bokeh can't act alone! Meet Wahid and Asyari!
Chapter 4: Meet the Upper Brass - Officer Bandjar and Stylish Meilianhari
Chapter 5: The Fashionista Elite! Meet Cirosouayt, Technician Salacca, and Construct Boli'ana!
Chapter 6: Brundali's Golden Dragon!
Chapter 7: A Stowaway meets Hir Brothel Lover! Meet Tulatu and Rambutan!
Chapter 8: Touching Base at the Kerno Headquarters with Oromet and Plumeria!
Chapter 9: The Night Before the Heist, Part 1! Poker Showdown!
Chapter 10: The Night Before the Heist, Part 2! The Burlesque Show!
Chapter 11: The Night Before the Heist, Part 3! Heating Up the Baths!
Chapter 12: On the Airship at last! Meet some of the Crew!
Chapter 13: The Kerno Are On Board!
Chapter 14: Before the Meeting, Part 1: The Kerno Settle Into the Brothel!
Chapter 15: Before the Meeting, Part 2! The Fashionistas Get (un)Dressed!
Chapter 16: The Big Meeting has Started, Part 1! Introducing the Duke, and others!
Chapter 17: The Big Meeting has Started, Part 2! Bokeh on the Run!

Card Previews 1: New Mechanics of Brundali Rail Heist
Card Previews 2: Asyari and Wahid, stealing everything you thought you had!
Card Previews 3: An Ample Affair with Ample Decisions!
Card Previews 4: Shy Wolves and Randy Tigers!
Card Previews 5: Cirosouyat & Salacca Bring the Action!
Card Previews 6: Bokeh & Tsou Meddle In All Our Affairs!
Card Previews 7: Oromet & Plumeria - a Pair of Fiesty Lovers!
Card Previews 8: Tigers and Dragons and Salukis, Oh My!
Card Previews 9: Plumeria Brings the AP Boost!
Card Previews 10: Raccoons, Foxes, and Wolves!
Card Previews 11: Blast from the past!
Card Previews 12: A crew of thieves!
Card Previews 13: The Havens of Brundali Rail Heist!
Card Previews 14: Main Cast Wrap-Up!
Card Previews 15: Auction Winners of Brundali Rail Heist! Wrap-up, part 1!
Card Previews 16: The Big Brundali Wrap-up, Part 2!
Card Previews 17: The Big Brundali Wrap-up, Part 3!
Card Previews 18: Brundali Rail Heist added to the card spoiler! 100+ new card previews!

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KeatonDawner on May 13th, 2015 @ 08:04 PM
So awesome, I cant wait! Squirrelin away my pennies to get ready for the pre-order! No pun intended...or WAS it ^.^

ezekiel_tyr on May 13th, 2015 @ 05:32 PM
cant wait to see more card previews

Lemonbread on May 13th, 2015 @ 09:16 AM
Definitely eager to see the new card's artworks.

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