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(May 9th, 2015)
Asyari and Wahid, stealing everything you thought you had! New card preview!
      by Seppel

Asyari, the thief, and Wahid, the bookkeeper: a dangerous pair! What can you expect from lovers who seek riches and debauchery? Why, nothing more than the hottest thrills!

Let's take a look at how good they are in the heat of the moment:


I'm going to show you their skills in just a moment, but first, I want their stats to sink in for a moment. The last time we printed a 25 // 7/7/7/7 Furre was in Caramel:


Iso costs 11 AP and 4 GP. Asyari and Wahid cost only 1 AP and 1 GP more, so it's not entirely unreasonable that they'll have a skill comparable to Iso's Tireless.

As mentioned before, they're a thief and an accountant, so I suppose this next reveal comes as no surprise:


For those who missed the New Mechanics of Brundali Rail Heist, Renegade means that they get +3 to all PEs while swinging alone -- this means their PEs go up to 10/10/10/10, wow!

You think that's cool? Well, Asyari and Wahid have three skills. Renegade is just the first one! We're just getting started with this pair! Here's their second skill:


Ah, now you can see their path to victory. Tantric means that they gain (stamina) equal to the pleasure they gave! So after giving a Furre 10 pleasure, they'll gain up to 10 back!

I said they'll gain "up to" 10 back, because 25 is their maximum . They can't go higher than 25 . But that's nothing to worry about. 25 is a lot of , and Tantric will just mean your opponent will have to give a whole lot more pleasure to bring them to orgasm.

In fact, if your opponent can't reliably give them more than 10 pleasure each turn, you've probably won the game right there. They're going to be around for a lot of thrusting and hip-bumping! The important thing to know is that Asyari and Wahid scoff at anything less than 11 pleasure.

So they're going to be a wild pair in bed!

What's that? A third skill? Do we really need a third skill on top of all of that? What more could you possibly want?

Asyari and Wahid want everything.


Eliminate all Treats and discard all hands.

This is the point where you know they've taken everything. Every Treat in the scene? They're gone. All those cards your opponents have been saving in their hands? ALL GONE.

You just have to swing once. They're in, they're out, and they've stolen everything.

I'm so excited for this set! Brundali Rail Heist is going to be so amazing and fun, and we've only just started!

Be the first to have it all! Brundali Rail Heist preorders start June 1st!

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Zeneth_Starr on May 14th, 2015 @ 09:21 AM
Yikes. This cards abilities far outweigh that cost, I think. This is a titan. Can't wait to see more.

yuko on May 12th, 2015 @ 12:27 PM
Love this card! I think its a real benefit to decks

blizleopard on May 10th, 2015 @ 06:57 PM
Actually, I like that limiting benefit on them. That makes them a law of diminishing returns for going right after your Rival versus their harem

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