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(May 6th, 2015)
The Fashionista Elite! Meet Cirosouayt, Technician Salacca, and Construct Boli'ana!
      by Callista Skip

Let's meet one more important fashionista before moving on to the rest of the Kerno folks - the elegant Cirosouyat!

Art by AcidaPluvia

Cirosouyat doesn't come alone on this trip, of course! She rarely goes without her equally fashionable personal Technician, Salacca. They have been a couple of many years, and together they have imagined up some beautiful constructs.

Of course, they'd need something new to impress the rest of their peers. Brundali has arranged a period of time early on in his meeting for Cirosouyat and Salacca's newest creation, the stunning Boli'ana.

Art by FireFeathers

While fame and fashion may drive Ciro to new heights, Salacca is always keeping her grounded in pleasures of the flesh and heart.

Art by Tygurstar

Together, they make one helluva team! What will they have to say about Meilianhari's lover? Will they notice the rest of the Kerno sneaking around? Only time will tell!

Tomorrow, we'll meet a stowaway on the Elusory!

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