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(May 2nd, 2015)
Who are the Kerno? Meet Tsou and Bokeh - Lovers with great ambitions!
      by Callista Skip

10 years prior to our present-day storyline, there was a Grand Technological Fair, where experienced and amateur Technicians came together to show off their inventions, great and small!

The headliners, though, were two very public, prominent Technicians - Brundali & Ulukerno! Their projects were closely guarded secrets until that fateful day. When the curtains rose, it was revealed that Brundali had invented the Steam Engine and Ulukerno had invented the Airship.

Due to a mechanical failure on the Airship, though, the Steam Engine ultimately stole the show, and received plenty of financial and political backing by both the Bai Watu elite and the monarchy.

Ulukerno was laughed out of the Fair, and became a recluse soon after. He sold his Airship and further designs to a small Technician University in the boondocks of Bai Watu. Their Technicians improved on the initial design, correcting the original mechanical issues - but only managed to do so with the help of Technicians from a small criminal underground found in the foggy mountains around the town.

These small-time robbers bought the Airship and the extra plans from the University, but asked them to report it stolen - this proved to be a financially beneficial move for the town, and a reputation booster for the renegades. After a few attempts of their own over the years, they ended up with the Airship many of them now call home.

That gang named themselves the Kerno after the Airship inventor, and their ship The Elusory.

The ship holds a whole mess of characters, as the Kerno brought order to its ranks. A Captain, Officers...A proper ship with a right proper crew!

Of them, Airman Bokeh is a bold and confident raccoon. His clever, thoughtful partner, Chief Tsou, manages to temper most of Bokeh's outrageous plans into something more palatable. When they act together, they are a force to be reckoned with, and their fellow Kerno usually applaud their outcomes.

Art by Silent Ravyn

When the Kerno turn their sights onto Brundali's train, Bokeh and Tsou join the gang as they start listening to the chatter at the Headquarters and on the street in Tenggabana. The Kerno come up with the invite list, start making contact with Brothel Ixora, among other preparations.

Their plan was to just create general mischief, and collect a few spoils along the way - but Bokeh had his own ideas about what was valuable on board...

Art by Aphroditus

To be continued...

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Lemonbread on May 5th, 2015 @ 06:27 AM
I'm getting an old wild-west movie vibe from the train robbery.

Nezumi12 on May 4th, 2015 @ 07:06 PM
yes. this is gonna be great. can't wait, can't wait.

Draconis on May 4th, 2015 @ 07:03 PM
One thing I really like is how the look for Bokeh is consistent between the two images. They each have their own style, but the art clearly shows some great work, especially the last piece by Aphroditus with that wind swept look. Some really great work that makes you believe the imagery of the art showing the train speeding by.

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