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(Feb 10th, 2015)
Why were the dean's advances rejected? Everthrob! New card preview!
      by Seppel

A number of people asked me why Marlii rejected Thackary's sexual proposition in this card:


Why did she say no?

Marlii believes in free love and shi enjoys pleasing hir partners. If the mood is right, the activities are fun, and hir potential partner is someone shi likes, it's unlikely shi'd say no.

The answer is rather clear --


Thackary asked too early in the night! Marlii was still being a good host!

Shi had to wait until after midnight before shi could relieve hir tension. And if you were in Marlii's position, with sexy fun times happening everywhere, you'd likely be throbbing by midnight!


Everthrob is a Treat card that puts all Furres into Marlii's mindset! Each Furre drops to 5 stamina, which makes it incredibly easy to orgasm!

It's a great way to take down Furres with huge stamina, like the Endowed Equine:


Everthrob makes him drop from 25 stamina to 5 stamina! Normally that huge package can fuck forever, but with Everthrob on the mind, he's one minute away from cumming!

Everthrob has one side-effect -- it causes your Furres to drop to 5 stamina as well! How do you avoid that? Easy! Fill your harem with Furres that naturally have 5 or 10 stamina! And one person in particular stands out:


Marlii hirself! With the ability to give 5 out-of-bed pleasure to any Furre, shi can take down your opponent's harem with a parade of handjobs!

Everthrob can be found in Caramel booster packs!

Marlii the Librarian can be found in Welcome Freshmen and Strawberry booster packs!

Don't forget about our Big Valentine's Day Sale where you can get your cards for up to 50% off!


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yuko on Feb 14th, 2015 @ 11:21 AM
geeze i dont log in for a lil while and then i come back and its an explosion of new cards!

RykerD on Feb 12th, 2015 @ 09:05 AM
just bought my first set but ill definitely keep my eye on these ones

Seppel on Feb 12th, 2015 @ 08:13 AM
@Kwratster: The dragon deck is probably your best bet for dragons, and today is your last day to get it! For strictly females, all the college starter sets have a female deck inside them except for Risque Resolutions. :)

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