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(Jan 21st, 2015)
Further Confusion 2015 was awesome! Pictures included!
      by Seppel

Further Confusion 2015 was awesome! There was an unprecedented demand for Furoticon this year, with fans and newbies walking home with almost everything we brought!


And we brought a lot!

There were so many Furoticon players this year that we were very glad to have two rooms dedicated to playing Furoticon!


I maintained the veteran room, where sex became strategy!

In the beginner room, players were placed in groups of 4 to play a 4-player free-for-all game. In a free-for-all, your goal is to be the last player standing!


Conspiracy in the corner of the beginner tournament!

Everyone had fun and there were a lot of exciting plays over the weekend!


The guys are up against a Nightmare in the sealed tournament!

In a sealed tournament, you get 5 booster packs -- you open them and build a 20-card deck from the cards inside, plus unlimited Home Havens. Normally, you'll want to build a deck that's 1 or 2 genders, but the Nightmare of the Jinvon requires you to run all 4 genders. Incredibly difficult to do, but if you succeed, you're most likely going to win!

(Note about the photo above: You might notice that Curious Jinvon costs 2 Female GP, but there's only one Forests in the scene. There's no cheating going on -- the photo is cropped, and there's a Sagewood Glen below the Home Havens!)


Draj has a tough opening hand in the constructed tournament!

A constructed tournament is an expert-level tournament where you bring your own 40-card deck and play against other players for big prizes! Some very intense games happen in these tournaments!


A horde of Greedy Lions swings in to please Polkakitty!

It was more than enough to take Polkakitty out of the game, but Polkakitty wanted to see just how much he was taking from the Lions -- over 70 pleasure!


A Nightmare stares down 35 foxes! But suddenly...

...Kuushik transforms into Stikktog!

Needless to say, not even two Nightmares can compete against Stikktog!

There was so much excitement this past weekend that I could make this entry four times as long with all the pictures I took, but that's all I can write about in a reasonable amount of time!

If you want to get in on the Furoticon fun, we'll be headed to Texas Furry Fiesta and Biggest Little Fur Con next!

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CatsBrat on Jan 26th, 2015 @ 10:36 AM
super stoked you guys will be at rainfurrest :D Can't wait

rainydaydance on Jan 23rd, 2015 @ 06:49 PM
I wish I could have gone!

Question_Marks on Jan 23rd, 2015 @ 06:41 PM
Thank you very much!

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