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(Sep 8th, 2010)
Post-MFM Report!
      by Seppel

Mephit Furmeet was awesome! Not only was everyone there tons of fun, but we sold out of all the cards we brought!

We're going to need a bigger table next year!

Friday night we ran a sealed tournament, where players made a 20-card deck out of 5 booster packs and unlimited Home Havens. Saturday night we ran a constructed tournament, where players bring their own 40-card deck to compete against other players. We had a significantly smaller tournament on Saturday because everything else at the convention was scheduled at the same time. Here are the tournament results!

Mephit Furmeet - September 2010
Format: Sealed
3Angel Macleod8
6Masked LLama5
9Calientra Kitsune2

Mephit Furmeet - September 2010
Format: Constructed
1Angel Macleod5

Now for some gameplay pictures!

Wen Diro is wearing a Slave Collar, some Handcuffs, and a Heavy Paddle. This choice of bondage equipment gives Wen Diro +5 to all PEs, bringing them up to 8/7/8/10!

The two horses on the right about about to get dominated!

Tough decisions...

Sukouri loves sadists!

Mid'sa is in good company. Osto and Audi have been very rough in bed - the 7 pain counters on the other Furres make Mid'sa a 7/7/7/7!

Next month we'll be in Connecticut for Furfright! See you all there!

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