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(Dec 4th, 2014)
Astronomy Club: Lance and Jesse! New card preview!
      by Seppel

Late at night, a handful of students gather atop the ORAL Field, once per week. Many go stargazing; some gaze at other members... including Lance and Jesse.

Lance and Jesse are a pair of cheetah brothers whose tastes are very diverse! You can bring them into the scene for a cost of 4 AP and 3 Male GP (the cost of a card is in the upper-right corner).

Canon note: I was mistaken in a previous article where I said that Marlii and Spitty-kitty were the first two canon Furoticon characters. Lance and Jesse were in 1st Vanilla as well, so they're among the first four canon characters in Furoticon.

Lance and Jesse are a Furre card -- Furres are your harem, and they're the best way to deal pleasure to your opponent. At the lower left, you can see that they have 15 (stamina). This is how much pleasure they can take before they orgasm and go to your couch (discard pile). In Furoticon, 15 is average, so Lance and Jesse are good partners to hook up with!

The four numbers below the are their Pleasuring Experience (PEs) and they show how much pleasure the cheetah brothers give to Furres of each gender. (When pleasuring a player, a Furre gives pleasure equal to its highest PE. In Lance and Jesse's case, they would give 4 pleasure to a player!)

Rules Note: Even though Lance and Jesse are two different characters, they're one collective "Furre." Just like Butch and Flank from yesterday, they only count as one Furre when entering bed, or when counting Furres, etc.

Most importantly, Lance and Jesse are Generous. Generous is simple once you understand it -- normally, all Furres in bed give pleasure at the same time. But Generous Furres break this rule and give pleasure first! You choose which Furres to pleasure, as normal. There's just two rounds of pleasure. Why is this a good thing? Because if Lance and Jesse bring an opposing Furre to orgasm, they'll leave bed before receiving any pleasure in return!

No matter the gender, a Furre with 3 left wouldn't be able to give any pleasure to Lance and Jesse -- because they're Generous!


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ezekiel_tyr on Dec 8th, 2014 @ 07:22 PM
oh nice though it be tuff to get them out in the 20 card tourny

dranson13 on Dec 6th, 2014 @ 06:36 AM
a very cat based astronomy club was expecting more birds, or bats.

Nezumi12 on Dec 5th, 2014 @ 12:43 PM
i think cheetahs are the only great cat i'm not fond of. i think it's because they look too thin to me.

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