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(Nov 26th, 2014)
Tandy, Cotton, and Jarla welcome you to Mt. Mesa! Five new card previews!
      by Seppel

Caramel preorders begin tomorrow night at 11:59 PM EST! Lock your orders in early for bonus cards! (Bonuses will be revealed when preorders are open!)

Ramping up to preorder season, today we have five card previews! The first is an important card that was last printed in 2011:


Mesa is a versatile Haven card. Haven cards provide you with resources (Action Points (AP) or Gender Points (GP)). Mesa gives you 1 extra AP on your turn. So instead of refilling to 10 AP, you'd refill to 11 AP! Sometimes, 1 AP is all it takes to get an advantage.

Mesa also has a second skill: you can eliminate it (move it from the scene to your "couch" -- your discard pile) for free, then search your "black book" (your deck) for a Home Haven

What is a Home Haven? It's one of the four basic resource cards in Furoticon:


Forests is a Home Haven. It gives you 1 Female GP during your refill step. You spend GP to play cards of a specific gender. Without GP, you can only play Haven cards. (Haven cards only cost AP to play, whereas all other cards cost AP and GP to play.)

The three other Home Haven cards are Moorlands (for Male GP), Heights (for Herm GP), and Outskirts (for Otherkind GP).

Haven cards stay in the scene after you play them. This means, if you have Forests in the scene, you'll get 1 Female GP at the beginning of each of your turns, for the rest of the game! Be warned, though: AP and GP do not accumulate! These points are "use them or lose them." At the beginning of your turn, you lose any remaining points you had, then start over with 10 AP, plus what your Havens give you.

Take a look at Tandy:


The cost of a card is in the upper-right corner. To bring Tandy into the scene, you must spend 2 AP and 1 Female GP.

She has 5 (5 stamina), and has 3 for all PEs (PE = pleasuring experience; how much pleasure a Furre gives to a specific gender; "attack power").

Tandy doesn't care what gender you are. She's open to experimentation, and she orgasms rather easily. (When a Furre reaches 0 stamina, it orgasms and goes to your couch.)

Now let's take a look at Cotton!


Cotton requires a little more effort than Tandy to enter the scene: 4 AP and 2 Female GP. So you'd need two Forests cards in the scene before you'd be able to afford Cotton.

She has twice as much stamina as Tandy, and she knows her way around bodies much more than Tandy -- and with good reason; Cotton's a dancer!

Cotton has 4 Male PE and 4 Otherkind PE, meaning she gives 4 pleasure to Males and Otherkind in a single round under the bedsheets. She has 5 Female PE and 5 Herm PE, which means if she hopped into bed against Tandy, Tandy would orgasm right away! (Tandy would give 3 pleasure back to Cotton, taking Cotton down to 7 . You can use dice to keep track of .)

For our last card preview today, say hello to Jarla!

Ah, bitter Jarla. For a remarkably low cost of 1 AP and 1 Female GP, she'll enter the scene, but she won't be giving much pleasure! She only has 5 and her PEs are 2/1/2/1, making her one of the weakest members of a harem.

However, unlike Tandy and Cotton, Jarla has a special skill that will let you be sneaky! This skill is an "activated skill," meaning you have to pay a cost to get an effect. In this case, there are two parts to the cost: exhaust Jarla (tilt her card on its side) and discard a card from your hand. (You can refresh her at the beginning of your next turn to use this skill again.) By paying this cost, Jarla will make each opponent misplace 1 card. Misplacing means moving a card from your deck ("black book") to your discard pile ("couch").

In Furoticon, there's no penalty for running out of cards in your deck -- but that means you can't draw any more cards! A normal Furoticon deck is 40 cards. Jarla could tear away your opponent's entire deck!


Caramel preorders begin on Black Friday -- November 28th!

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rainydaydance on Nov 28th, 2014 @ 09:48 PM
Love the haven card art work, they get so many awesome artists.

blizleopard on Nov 27th, 2014 @ 10:55 PM
I kinda miss the old Tandy and her ability as a bartender. I suppose she's not so tough when she's off the clock.

firekitty on Nov 27th, 2014 @ 11:26 AM
Hahah, yeah BlueJay. I know it's an anatomical issue with armadillos. But it was a quirk of the character I was asked to draw that way.

It's aesthetically more pleasing to look at and gives the character a slimmer appearance than having the clothes over her armor would. =3

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