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(Nov 1st, 2014)
Trick or Treat! A present from the Furoticon team: FREE FUROTICON CARDS!
      by Seppel

The Furoticon team is giving away free Furoticon cards!

Click the card to get your free cards!

And that's not all!

Want to get some more free cards? We have Super Special Big Awesome Packs for only $5 each! Open a ton of rares, a handful of uncommons, or even a complete deck!

...and something you'll definitely want to get your hands on -- misprints!

We received 49 mis-cut cards in our Fortune at Vell's End shipment. I've been holding onto these for months, and it's finally time to give them out. In only a few random Super Special Packs, you'll find 5 of these misprints! (And one pack that has 4 misprints.)

The more packs you get, the greater your chances of pulling one of these packs!

Click to get them!

These packs won't be around for long! You have one week to get all of these packs before they're gone!

Good luck, and enjoy your packs!

(This is a repost -- for everyone who tried to order last night and couldn't, the issue has been fixed! You can order now!)

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RainbowKitten on Nov 5th, 2014 @ 08:31 AM
You know I see the card 'Titties!', and it makes me wish there was also a card called 'bewbz' :3

rainydaydance on Nov 5th, 2014 @ 12:53 AM
So excited! Getting my first piece of Furoticon, if I wasn't so dirt poor I would buy everything that was ever created. Love it.

ezekiel_tyr on Nov 3rd, 2014 @ 02:11 PM
100 furos tots worth it now for the other packs im like ... mmm so want but must save for mff

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