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(Oct 31st, 2014)
Meditative Rest, and a Halloween Giveaway coming soon!
      by Seppel

Hold onto your wallets for just a few hours -- we've got something special prepared for Halloween! In the meantime, here's a card preview!


Like any Adventurer, Sikaah need a moment to rest before a big confrontation.


Meditative Rest is a Treat card. Treats stay in the scene after you play them, and they add or change rules to the game.

If you have a troupe of Adventurers, it's good to let them rest -- after an Adventurer levels up (gain an XP counter), you can spend 1 AP to have it regain 3 stamina ()! Remember that an Adventurer starts at level 0, and its max level is 3!

With a Meditative Rest (or three), you can guarantee that your Adventurers will reach level 3 with no problem!

It's adventure time! Fortune at Vell's End is available! Order your cards now!

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ezekiel_tyr on Nov 3rd, 2014 @ 02:06 PM
still need that card actualy think i need to see if i got it in the booster i won at furpocalips

hopehunter-7 on Oct 31st, 2014 @ 03:58 PM
hmm very good strategy card

Nezumi12 on Oct 31st, 2014 @ 03:40 PM
while the card is very useful when playing adventurers, i'd put this in my deck for the beautiful artwork.

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