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(Aug 1st, 2010)
Furoticon @ Indy Fur Con!
      by Crimsonred

So I've been talking extensively with Seppel and Callista, and I'm happy to say that I'll be representing Seppel Creations at Indy Fur Con!

I will be selling Furoticon cards at the convention. I'll be in the dealer's room for most of the day Friday through Sunday, and I'll be selling boosters, decks, and possibly other bits of swag depending on what they send me, including some very nice (and very naughty) gaming mats/mousepads.

I will also be running a How-To Play panel Friday night from 5-6PM, and then I'll be running a sealed tournament from 7-11. This is an excellent opportunity to try out Furoticon, because the deal you get with the Sealed Tournament is exceptional. For $20, you get 5 packs. In and of itself, that is an excellent deal, as that's what you'd pay for 4 packs. So you're already getting a good deal there, but you're also getting a chance to win prizes!

Beyond just the tournament and the Dealer's Den, I will be playing free games after hours.

Rozz'ka, a bird-like construct, annoys Talgurin until he goes to Indy Fur Con.
Artist: Emmy Reidre

Hope to see you all at Indy Fur Con!

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