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(Sep 11th, 2014)
Announcing a new Furoticon set: Brundali Rail Heist!
      by Seppel

Today we are announcing the ninth Furoticon set, Brundali Rail Heist!

Brundali Rail Heist will take you to the Industrial Age, where mechanical and technological advances have led to a society of technicians, a culture of constructs, a population of fashionable scholars - anyone with a good idea and extra elbow grease can make it in this day and age of invention!

On an island far from Kemah Karah, the Technicians (once known as Inventors & Mechanics) of Bai Watu are as commonplace as any shopkeep, and their constructs aid the general public with tasks great and small.

The citizens of Bai Watu and neighboring country Jembravonti have held their breath for 10 long years as the great Technician Brundali and his company have built the T&A Rail Line, connecting the capital cities of Tenggabana and Anjit (respectively). The luxurious Steam Locomotive is the first of its kind, and its Maiden Voyage will be a grand adventure for all its thousand passengers, from the rich fashionistas to the proud miners who loaded the freight cars.

This voyage won't be all fun in the sleeper cars and delicacies from the Brothel Car, though! Technician Brundali is being watched closely by a gang of Renegades from the clouds above, a wily bunch who have their own plan - their very own Heist - and the balls to try and pull it off!

Brundali Rail Heist will be coming to a convention near you after its release in July 2015!

Brundali Rail Heist Information

Theme: Industrial Steampunk!

Set size: 144 Cards

Rarity breakdown: 41 Rare, 42 Uncommon, 49 Common, 7 Starter-only, 4 Home Haven, 1 Token

Creative Director: Callista Skip

Art Director: Sigil

Developers: Seppel, Captain Bozo, Magetorment, Tegome, and Taz

Release Date: July 10, 2015

Hop over to the forums to post your thoughts and conspiracy theories in the Brundali Rail Heist speculation thread!

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Kaia_Cougar on Sep 12th, 2014 @ 03:45 PM
@Lafitte - But these are Victorian Furries. By combining the erotic powers of the furry fandom with the depravity of Victorian pornographic material...we shall have truly created a monster of unstoppable sexual prominence.

Lafitte on Sep 12th, 2014 @ 11:55 AM
Guys... they're called hysteria machines. You can't say "orgasm" to a Victorian gentleperson without all their monocles popping out!

Nezumi12 on Sep 12th, 2014 @ 11:30 AM
Ye Olde Vibratorium.
Home of that moste wonderful invention, the steam-powered Orgasmotron. The hotter it gets, the hotter you get.

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