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(Jul 4th, 2010)
Post-Anthrocon update!
      by Seppel

Welcome to Furoticon! We just finished demoing out newest set, Triskelion, at Anthrocon in Pittsburgh, PA! Triskelion is a set full of sexy BDSM activities such as dominance, submission, sadism, masochism, and bondage! Get your cards now!

Bryn, the bunny boy, finds himself all tied up!
Artist: Yuki-chi

It's been a long recovery from Anthrocon, where we had tons of people get cards and over 70 people show up to our demos!

Here we have Basque, Callista Skip, and Blaze Moonshadow seated, playing games and hanging out!

Thanks to everyone who showed up! It was a ton of fun, and it was great seeing all of you. We wouldn't be able to start our second year of Furoticon without you guys. :)

Keep an eye on the website, and we'll have info about the August gaming event in Richmond, VA soon!

Now for a little treat - one card I've been holding off on previewing for a while:

One of the themes of Triskelion is bondage, and in gameplay, bondage equipment are Alteration cards.

Saltire of Triskelion is the biggest piece of bondage equipment we've got!

First off, you need 3 Male GP and 12 AP to play it. You also need a Furre that already has 3 different alterations on it. If one of those Alterations falls off, so does the Saltire.

...but what does it do? It makes you win:

Elusive - Your Furre can't be targeted.
Generous - Your Furre gives pleasure in bed first.
Greedy - Your Furre also pleasures the defending player when swinging.
Masochist - Your Furre gets +1 to all PEs for each pain counter on it.
Bondage-lover - Your Furre gets +1 to all PEs for each Alteration on it! (It already has 4 Alterations including the Saltire!)

And that last line is my favorite. It simply says that all the Alterations on your Furre can't be targeted either!


Get your own Saltire now!

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