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(Aug 28th, 2014)
FGW Registration Update! Only 3 more registrations needed!
      by Callista Skip

Long time no see, Furoticon-ites!

August has been a long and fruitful months for us in a lot of ways - advances in our convention coverage have added a lot of new opportunities for us; updates to (our G-rated company's game) Cataro are pulling us toward restarting our Kickstarter soon; and even some exciting serious action in the development of Furoticon Online that we're looking forward to updating you all on ASAP!

Nothing ever stays in the present during game development though; we're always looking to the future, whether it be at new sets (like Caramel's Winter Break, coming in December!), the next convention (IFC is this weekend!), or the next big project (I've been making some serious headway on Strawberry Adventure lately!).

And let's not forget the Furoticon Gaming Weekend!

We still need a few more registrations to hit our goal by
Sunday, August 31st!

Let's talk about the registrations for a moment:

The FGW Attending ($25) registration level can be upgraded at any time to a FGW Free Play ($50) or FGW Free Food ($50) level, including on-site at the Weekend. Either of the $50 level registrations can be upgraded to a full FGW Free Play & Free Food ($100) level at any time, including on-site.

We totally understand that people have other commitments and priorities the weekend of October 3rd-5th, and that August 31st may be a tad too early to confirm your own availability for the Weekend; we just want to make sure that no one who has currently registered makes non-refundable travel plans if it turns out that we don't end up having enough attendees.

If you're really excited about being able to attend, but haven't registered yet for any reason, please consider doing it now (even at a lower level so you can upgrade later) so we can hit our goal by Sunday, August 31st!

Don't wait any longer! Register now!

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Kehran_Remsus on Aug 28th, 2014 @ 08:32 PM
If anyone in Michigan or Ohio want a ride to FGW, I'll be driving there. That pretty much all I can help with getting more people to registered.

ezekiel_tyr on Aug 28th, 2014 @ 06:22 PM
probably will only see you at Mff

Yuri-Bloodfang on Aug 28th, 2014 @ 02:35 PM
See you at IFC! Looking forward to hoping in a game or two!

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