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(Aug 8th, 2014)
New Item! Fortune Big Boosters! (& FGW Fundraising Update #3)
      by Callista Skip and Seppel

It's that time of year again! Missed out on the binders? Ready to open some big packs? Get a big booster!

Click to order!

Ready to open the biggest boosters ever? Each of these new limited-edition packs contains 5 tokens, 10 commons, 10 uncommons, and 10 rares! 35 cards in one pack! Perfect for completing a collection or getting ahead in a tournament!


FGW Fundraising Update #3: We've completely blown through our Fundraising Goal and are still just over half-way to our Registration Goal!

Register now!

Take the weekend of October 3th - 5th off, because we'll have tons of Furoticon, board games, card games, video games, and delicious food to keep you entertained! Relax, enjoy yourself, and go home with hundreds of Furoticon cards!

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Mizu_Bushi on Aug 11th, 2014 @ 10:04 PM
I just got my mystery pack in the mail today and I just got to say...I LOVE IT!!! I can't wait till my next pay check so I can get more cards. All that is needed now is someone to play with...

Zeneth_Starr on Aug 9th, 2014 @ 10:06 AM
Definitely will have to jump on this soon.

Kaycat on Aug 9th, 2014 @ 07:09 AM
Congratulations on the fundraising goal. Wish I could come, but travel is hard when you're in college, especially several states away. Shame. Perhaps another year~ Good luck on getting the rest of the registrations you need.

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